San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Adios Amigos

We got our last walks in on the beach this morning before the girls had to head for the airport. Richy was leaving today as well.

After seeing everyone off we came home and did some house cleaning. Soon as I get yesterday’s pics up I am going to check my lap top more as it still feels like something is not quite right.

Shout out to everyone on the map today… Bombay India – Delhi India – Clavisi Italy – Rome Italy – Pointeverda Spain – Bacarot Spain – Shawford UK – Miami USA – Punta Gorda USA – Dorr USA – Milpitus USA – Anchorage USA – Cedar Park Usa – Wells USA – Cabo Portugal – Belize city – Washington USA – Fernley USA – Pittsburgh USA – Budapest Hungary – Cochin India – Koutoumo Greece – Fuengirola Spain – Lisbon, Portugal – Boulogne-Billancourt France – Amsterdam Netherlands – Västervik Sweden – Braslia Brazil – San Antonio USA – San Francisco USA – Redmond USA – Boise USA – Long Branch Canada – Maynard USA – Newton USA – Monroe USA – Mountain View USA – Miquon USA – Steamboat Springs USA – Wichita USA – Indianapolis USA – thanks for enjoying tacogirlblog.

9:09pm Another scan with Avast turned up some bad files from limewire so if you are a music downloader scan regularly – my first can never caught anything but a day later avast caught it. Seems like laptop is in good shape after msn ordeal. If you have had this issue, make sure to scan well, spybot and re-install msn messenger – that is an important part of the fix.

Walking to the airport

Tropic Air San Pedro BelizeBaggage checked

Carole and Ritchy

Tropic Air Cessna CaravanRichy Erin Jo leaving

Tropic Air Ambergris Caye BelizeDenise Paul Carole staying

Old Tropic Air building San Pedro BelizeDick Ritchy

Old Tropic Air building San Pedro Carole Richy Denise Dick

Tropic Air Belize Cessna CaravanHi Lynn and kids we will see you soon – Erin Jo

Tropic Air Plane Cessna Caravan BelizeTropic plane

Tropic Air Cessna CaravanLift off

3 thoughts on “Adios Amigos

  1. patriciamd says:

    looks like you enjoyed your trip. i remember whenever I am on my way home from a vacation, i don’t feel like going home just yet.I always wanted to extend my stay because I enjoyed the place too much.

  2. Anonymous says:

    YAHOOOO! Omg
    my moms coming home finally.

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