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Making the switch


Here is some useful information in case you find yourself  living on Ambergris Caye and switching your utilities from one apartment to another in the same building. Thanks to Cindy I caught a ride to town and we both went to Belize Electricity Limited to close out our old accounts ask for final readings and for me to switch to our new apartment (her old one). The $200 Deposit that we paid when we first got into the building will be used against the bill for our old place. The woman at the BEL office (also named Cindy) said we would owe little if anything once they did a final tally. For getting our new account – there was a $40 service charge and a $50 deposit.

When we were done at BEL Cindy dropped me off at the Belize Water Services Limited and headed back to work. The woman behind the counter looked a bit puzzled when I said that I wanted to switch accounts within the same building. After checking with someone else the new person told me that it would cost me $20 to close out one account and have the other one turned on and that had to be paid before they would do anything. While at the water company I got a chance to catch up with Quicksilver Dianne and Handyman Eddie.

Side note: I had a letter for both BEL and BWSL from our Landlord stating that we were moving apartments so that made it easier. Luckily I knew the tenant’s name previous to Cindy for our new apt as I needed that to sort us out at the water company.

Later this afternoon the sky was looking pretty cool and I needed a break from my desk so I went up on the roof to snap a few pics.

Looking north west





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  1. tacogirl November 5, 2009

    While pool access was good Maureen the extra 2 windows are even better so is the view. We did not realize how dark it was downstairs till we got up here.

  2. Maureen November 5, 2009

    Why would you leave your “old” apartment with the pool accessibility you had? Hope it’s a good move for you regardless. It’s going to be SO hard to find you next time we come over!

  3. tacogirl November 5, 2009

    Ct you are good at starting rumors lol – she is moving one street over so still in the hood.

  4. carbunkle trumpet November 5, 2009

    So where is Cindy going or should I not ask because of the whole pregnancy/marriage thing.

  5. tacogirl November 4, 2009

    Thanks for the heads up Remo. Read about it in ambergrisdaily.com this am and been watching wunderground.com as well. No rubber boots – plan was to stock up a bit so if the rain hits hard we will have no need to go out. Just hoping our cable tv gets connected in time ha ha. Ooohhh just checked again cause you wrote and it now has a name Ida. Fingers crossed it just stays as a tropical depression for us.

  6. Remo November 4, 2009

    Taco you been following the weather news lately? We have a tropical system heading our way.


    Hope you have rubber boots as well…..you will need them this weekend for sure.



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