San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Major excitement

Went to the doctors but she was in an extended visit with someone so they asked if I could come back this afternoon and sent me on my way.

I was walking back to the main road, I Saw para-sailors and could not resist a short detour down to the beach to take a few pictures. As always the water was captivating – I went on SunBreeze dock to take pictures. I wished I was the one flying through the air it looked like so much fun.

I came home and read quietly for a bit then I put my mp3 player on to listen to guided meditations so I could focus on my breathing and my health.

I just found out one of my old roommates Jerry and Hughena, my ex boyfriends mom both have pneumonia right now. Jerry is in the hospital and Hughena said her doctor told her yesterday if she gets any worse she is going to have to go to the hospital. I hope they both recover soon. I am going to keep following the Doctors advice, do what I can and keep focused on getting well. After hearing this I am going step up my game to add 2 Eff health meditations to my mp3 player so I can really focus on getting better. I have also decided after talking to Alan to start taking mms. He got some from Zac and he said that he is feeling better than ever. He was not even sick when he started taking it but I can tell by the look on his face when he spoke about it that he was really sold on the benefits and is feeling better than ever. I am still not sure on how I feel about taking it on a regular basis but I do feel it has helped me in getting over this infection.

I do want to go back to the doctor now, will take short a rest then go. Going to ask Paul to come for company, sometimes you need a good friend along for the ride.

Doctor said my lungs are sounding better. She feels the nebulizer is working and told me to go home rest and come back tomorrow.

Major excitement…
I just got the itinerary for the April bloggers meeting boy that put a spring in my step for a minute. We get to go back to Mexico – this time to an Island with golf carts ha ha, meet other bloggers and someone else is doing all the organizing – thanks Wayne.

Coming in for a landing

Back on the boat

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