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Madame in Mexico

Love waking up at 6 am been having a very productive morning got advance guest posts set up for the next 2 days ready and started this mornings among other things – just realized the time I better get ready for the pool. Going to test waterproof camera at the pool today and see if the memory card formatted correctly – silly me I forgot to put it in when we went out Sunday.

My underwater camera is another way of mastering patience. I have a set routine. First I run it under the tap and press the buttons a few times then I put it in a bowl of water while I go wash up. After that I rinse it off do the buttons again and set it outside in the shade to dry.

Today I am timing it by lunch – will eat sandwich and drink iced coffee then it will be time to dry it off with a small cloth followed by adding the laundry into the dryer and finally I will be able to check out today’s pool pics. BY the way it looks like my memory card did not format. I will have to check it once more or try my spare.

For now I will leave you with Madame in Mexico and some hunky warriors ha ha. She said she and JD had a great trip. We were all glad to have her back – even Chunky and Ruth said they are missing Maureen’s class from afar. Check out their blog to see what what Aquafit Norte is like. Funny just as I started downloading the Mexico pics One of JD’s songs came on a man of constant sorrow by Soggy Bottom Boys – back to disco Madame’s style with more more more.

For those of you attending Blog Fiesta – Lobsterfest schedule coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

p.s. Sharon I mentioned to the school to send MR. Victor to get the donations. Paul never told me who they were from so if you are reading this and you dropped off 5 bags of stuff at Lime for HC school recently we all say muchas gracias.

Maureen having fun and looking Fabulous in Mexico – pool pics below

Paul doing a drive by hi on my way home

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  1. Looks like Madam was in all her glory with the hunky dudes!

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