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Madame in Mexico

Love waking up at 6 AM. Been having a very productive morning. Got advance guest posts set up for the next 2 days ready and started this morning among other things – just realized the time, better get ready for the pool. Going to test waterproof camera at the pool today and see if the memory card is formatted correctly – silly me I forgot to put it in when we went out on Sunday.

My underwater camera is another way of mastering patience. I have a set routine. First I run it under the tap, press the buttons a few times, then put it in a bowl of water while I go wash up. After that I rinse it off ,press the buttons again, and set it outside in the shade to dry.

Today I’m timing it by lunch – will eat a sandwich and drink iced coffee, then will be time to dry it off, followed by adding the laundry into the dryer. Finally will be able to check out today’s pool pics. By the way it looks like my memory card did not format. I’ll have to check it once more or try my spare.

For now l’ll leave you with Madame in Mexico – and some hunky warriors, haha. She said JD and herself had a great trip. We’re all glad to have her back – even Chunky and Ruth said they were missing Maureen’s class from afar. Check out their blog to see what what Aquafit Norte is like. Funny, just as I started downloading the Mexico pics, one of JD’s songs came on, “A man of constant sorrow” by Soggy Bottom Boys – back to disco Madame’s style with more.

For those of you attending Blog Fiesta – Lobster fest schedule coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

P.S. – Sharon, I mentioned to the school to send Mr.Victor to get the donations. Paul never told me who they were from, so if you are reading this and you dropped off 5 bags of stuff at Lime for Holy Cross school, we all say muchas gracias.


Maureen having fun and looking Fabulous in Mexico – pool pics below





Paul doing a drive by on my way home

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