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Affordable Belize Real Estate Raffle

There’s so much going on it’s hard to know where to begin.

Last night I was trying get pics off of my underwater camera so I could check out how well beach and underwater settings look, and get to work on blogging them. For some reason it was not working this time, so I put in the Vivitar disk to get the driver. Instead of fixing the problem, it created a whole new one. It turns out the program is too old for the newest windows service pack and I kept getting blue screen error messages.

Luckily, Paul thought to Google the error code so we knew what the problem was, and possibly how to fix it. He tried a few things, but even ACER start up disks would not work. So this morning he called Extreme Geeks and sent me off with a handwritten note of what he found the problem to be. Fingers crossed it’s a simple and inexpensive fix – shuffles said they are really good based on her experience. I was on my way to the school anyways and would be riding right by their shop for an easy drop off.

Walking around the school, it’s amazing how fast things are changing. Francis took me to check out thee library again – last time I saw it in person they were still sorting. I did see a few pics of a more finished state, but it was great to see how nice it is looking up close. What a treat for the kids to have such a big selection of books to read right at school.

The main reason for my visit was to get some kids art work, a couple of t-shirts, and some crosses to send back to Joanne in Canada. She is working with her friend Heather to raise funds for the school, and they needed some stuff to make a couple of displays in Colleges to get students interested to come and volunteer. They are the ones who made the school Facebook group many of you have joined – if you haven’t yet please check it out.

I also wanted to check out how the land raffle was progressing and get more information on that. A local real estate agent has donated a piece of land to be raffled off for $10 BZD, a ticket to help raise money for the school – what an interesting idea. To find out more information on the Belize Land Raffle hosted by Affordable Real Estate Belize, please visit the school blog.

While at the school another cool thing happened. I was hanging out in the office with Miss Linda (aka Wonder Woman) and I realized I had forgot my water bottle in the library. As I cut through the computer lab to go get it, one of the teachers was talking to the kids about a pen-pal program they are involved with – likely the one set up by Heather, who I mentioned above. She teaches at Greenholme Public in Toronto, Canada, and got Miss Knight’s grade 8 class to join the pen-pal program with the older Holy Cross kids here in San Pedro, Belize.


Amazing – look how many books came down in suitcases


Seating area for the kids to read


Teachers resource center

Easel with colorful learning material makes a handy door block


Great artistic talent

One of the classes in school pen-pal program getting ready to take a test

6 thoughts on “Affordable Belize Real Estate Raffle

  1. tacogirl says:

    Caribbean Soul – I just emailed the school about that this morning and am waiting for an answer as to how people who are looking to buy tickets from the website can do so. I will be posting it as soon as I get an answer.

  2. caribbean soul says:

    Hi TG, was trying to enter raffle and went to the school website. All it will allow is to view the write up and then the donate link is only a normal donation(I think) can you help a girl out and let me know how to get tickets for the raffle.

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