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Lucky Couldn’t be Luckier Saga San Pedro Belize Humane Society

Lucky Couldn’t be Luckier

San Pedro Belize Humane SocietyThey say that ‘curiosity killed the cat’ and in Lucky’s case, this almost came true. Darling little Lucky was brought into Pampered Paws looking like he’d been fighting a war – and he was the loser. It is believed that his terrible facial injury was due to an unfortunate encounter with a raccoon.

Lucky was suffering from a terrible injury and could not breathe properly after having his tiny face sliced right open from the top of his forehead to his mouth. Part of his nose was completely missing. It was a serious wound for such a young animal to suffer, but Lucky was very lucky indeed to find himself in the care of San Pedro’s very own Humane Society, SAGA.

Dr. Orlando, the caring SAGA vet, took one look at little Lucky and decided to undertake reconstructive surgery immediately, which would not only save his life,

but help him to develop and grow normally. It was a delicate operation, as Lucky was so small and was already having difficulty breathing. The surgery was detailed and lengthy, but in the end the amazing SAGA team gave Lucky a brand new face and the chance to breathe and eat as well as enjoy a full and pain free life.

Within a week, Lucky was recuperating and well enough to go into a foster home, where he can receive plenty of love and attention before finding a permanent and loving home. Lucky couldn’t have been luckier and you can hardly tell that he’s had any ‘work’.

If you know an animal that needs a little bit of luck in their lives, please call SAGA on 226 3266. Please don’t forget that SAGA depends entirely on the donations of the public to do the important and life saving work that they do in the San Pedro community.

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