Recycling in Belize

Lost My Wallet and Found Some Insight in the Process

Yesterday evening I had a very unfortunate experience. I went to go check my wallet to see how much cash I had on me that was earmarked for a bill and it was nowhere to be found. My stomach sank and instantly I felt nauseous at the thought. Immediately after dumping my bag upside down and shaking it to make sure everything fell out, I started my memory recall process. The last place I remember seeing it in my mind’s eye was while I was paying at the fruit market Saturday evening, and there is a one minute blank as to seeing where I put it, between then and getting on the cart.

I decided to leave no stone unturned. I immediately Facebook messaged my friend Aimee and ask if she could check her cart in case it was on there somewhere – it wasn’t. She then loaned me the cart so I could check at the fruit market and the guy said “come back tomorrow” when his sister was there as she was the one I had shopped with.

As to the insight part, I was commiserating with Kendall about my unfortunate Sunday evening downer and knowing the way I think, he said, “Maybe whoever found that wallet was in a really bad way and that cash saved them and feed their hungry kids.” That was just what I needed to hear and his words got me thinking in a more positive way about what up until then had been an unpleasant situation.

I continued to search and shuffle things around to see if I may have somehow placed my wallet somewhere in the kitchen when I was dropping all my groceries off. As I was looking in one of my frequently used purses hanging on a chair I found 2 of my stylus pens I thought I had lost. This took Kendall’s line of thinking to a deeper level as I considered that there are people on this island (in this world) that do not have a wallet, bank cards or money to lose and that I should try not to get too bent out of shape over it.

Other things I did to cover myself for the lost wallet

  • Called 911 and was told nothing had been turned in, and to try again tomorrow. The policeman on the other end asked no name or details.
  • Posted on Residents only Ambergris Caye Facebook page and San Pablo/San Marcos neighborhood watch group.
  • Since there is no 24h Atlantic bank number I wrote them on their online contact form and took a screenshot of what I wrote just in case I need to prove I reported the card missing.
  • Set in motion in the process to cancel and get a new Canadian card which I was told will take up to a month to arrive. It must be coming on the Mayflower 🙂

This morning while my editor was checking my write up about the benefits of Elevate brain training app, I decided to knock off a few fast errands. One of them being a walk back to the fruit market and check if my wallet somehow turned up and the other was drop off my recycling. As I was getting my coffee jar collection to deliver to Maria and Jorge’s place (see my post called One Way I Practice Recycling for more info – Greenhouse is another occasional recipient) I found a stashed pay it forward money jar that I had forgotten about.

I figured now was as good a time as any to send that out to the universe hoping not only that someone in need would find the jar but that I could appease the money gods and help my situation. Although I do believe in miracles, at this point I am not really expecting my wallet to come back but still hopeful that nothing happens as far as people trying to use bank cards.

After dropping off 2 big bags of coffee jars to a happy Jorge, I was left with carrying the heavy money jar packed full of at least $10 – $15 worth of change. I got to thinking of it as a bit of a burden and then I remembered Kendall’s words from last night and readjusted my thinking, on carrying something that made me slightly uncomfortable due to its weight. As I walked to the location I planned to leave the jar, I shifted my thoughts to how it could possibly make a big difference for a family who needed food money, or it could be a major found treasure for a child 🙂

Recycling in Belize
Jorge and Maria’s place
Recycling in Belize
Jorge happy I brought him my recycling to use for their business
Recycling in Belize
Pampered paws cart I saw along the way to the fruit market
Belize money
Fruit stand where I last saw my wallet
Belize money
Pay-it-forward money jar
Belize money
I ended up leaving the jar in San Marcos area

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