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Living in Belize

Lola’s Pub opens her doors


Jo, Lara and I had a productive 3 way on the coconut phone this morning. Jo will come by in an hour and we will head to Lara’s place to use her scanner. A woman in Texas has offered to do all the printing for Jo’s Domestic Abuse workshop at Banana Bank Lodge mainland Belize.

I took a chilled out afternoon to myself – Jo and Paul had meetings. After being out this morning and feeling the cold building I was totally up for a couch surfing – lap top – tv combo.

Stopped by Lola’s Pub tonight for their soft opening. It is located in the old stained glass pub space. We had fun great music and tasty mini burgers – got to catch up with Cori,  Renee,  Colin, Chris and Pedro among others.

San Pedro Weather -wore long sleeves, jeans, socks, runners,  hat, scarf  and jean jacket tonight. Brrr can’t wait for this cold front to be done – I know it is happening now so we will have full sun for Big Erin and Liam’s arrival in 9 days.

Jager shots

Lola Pub

Lola's Pub


Wearing my hast and scarf mom

Sliders were delicious

Lola's Pub

Lola's Pub San Pedro Belize

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  1. liz melton January 11, 2010

    Thanks Laurie. I subscribe to Ambergris Daily and read it every day. Its just hard to get my arms around chilly weather in San Pedro. Gotta love it!

  2. tacogirl January 10, 2010

    I did not go to old Stained Glad Pub 2miles but I do not think they changed a lot inside side. I hear you loud and clear 2miles I was bone cold last night luckily burgers helped fuel me a bit ha ha. I am wishing us all sunshine and warmer weather.

    Liz Temp San Pedro temp shows on blog as 66.7f or 19 c click on weather icon for more details info like winds and such or go to http://www.ambergrisdaily.com for more detailed daily San Pedro weather.

  3. 2milesnorth January 10, 2010


    Is Lola’s Pub an English Type Pub simular to the original Stained Glass Pub?

    We loved the old Stained Glass Pub.

    Also, Turn the Da#@n Heat on down there.
    We arrive next Sunday and are already Frozen to the bone from NJ weather so don’t need any more cold stuff thanks.

  4. liz melton January 10, 2010

    You are scaring me with the woolen hat and scarf. How cold is it right now? We are coming in March and I’m hoping it warms up alot before we get there! We are having extremely cold weather here in Houston so I’m sure its having an affect down your way.


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