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Addition and Subtraction

The pictures I posted today are the view from our living room window [also Paul’s office and guest room]. To me the essence of those pictures [kids playing in puddles] is why so many people come here – fall in love and want to adopt a Belize Lifestyle  somehow. For some it may be more frequent vacations or longer stays and thinking about buying property. Others start daydreaming and planning for when they can retire in Belize and some who still have to work for a living – figure out how to make their way in this beautiful country they chose to call home.

I have been doing some addition and subtraction today in my categories section. I finally accomplished the longstanding task of adding a Video category so you can easily search all posts with videos or links to one. I also decided to merge cake party and Stuff Swap categories into Fiesta since they are all about parties.

While working I was venting to Paul about not being able to edit all posts in a category easily. Right after finishing my mini rant I sat down at my desk and all of a sudden I was able to work it out in my dashboard so that I could do a page at a time instead of one by one.

I have had enough of tech troubles for today. I was sending several emails out and it was brought to my attention by the team that what I was sending was showing in quotes for one person and more than one  font for someone else – of course it looked fine in both my nuevo and tacogirl emails. I stopped sending – did some testing with Paul and it was working fine – went back to emailing and again with the quotes and to top it all off my notepad does not want to let me save. Getting really grouchy now and thinking it is time to walk away from work.

Livign in San Pedro Belize

Livign in San Pedro Belize

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