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Every so often Monel in Mexico pops me some trivia to share with you. Here is his latest one for all you chocoholics – Maya people used chocolate beans as currency. Cacao residue (theobromine) was found in several jars in Honduras dated 1100 B.C. This is the earliest evidence of the use of chocolate.

There is a cool new blog out there Asking Anastasia – she provides information and insight to wide variety of daily topics. I have often said I find it therapeutic to blog I can almost relate it to defragging your computer sometimes.  When I read Anastasia’s blog I wonder if she feels the same. The other reason I like her blog is that her style reminds me of Sex in the City somehow – I think it is because she is willing to just put it out there with some of the topics she chooses. [You can find her in my Belize links section]

San Pedro Belize

6 thoughts on “New Belize Blog

  1. Latintravel Uk´s Monique says:

    On my way to the Centro America Travel Market in Guatemala. Looking forward to meeting up with anyone from the area.

  2. Nadia says:

    hey i know this street… have you been to the old “hideaway” yet? It is now the Tradewinds resort and the owner Emory is a love!! Come by on Sunday… he should have the Sunday BBQ going…

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