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Hello Wyatt Earp

It is clear that good food, great music and community involvement are all part of the new owners of  Legends Burger House agenda. I had the chance to meet Kevin and Spencer for an Arnold Palmer Monday afternoon and learn about more about the new family that has taken over the business that Jules and Tyler successfully built.

They are a great match to the burger house and I liked the idea of how they plan to enhance the already great atmosphere and bring music in more as a main focus. Spencer said they have equipment there  full time and are sending out an open invitation for musicians to come up anytime and jam anytime not just on jam nights. Recently they had a Willy Nelson impersonator that wowed the room followed by hip hop singer – anything goes. He also mentioned that they want all skill levels to feel welcome and plan on getting local kids  involved after shcool – more on that in the future. Kevin took an immediate interest in Heather’s San Mateo project right away and is in process of learning more about it and deciding how he would like to get involved.

Texting back and forth with Emma Tuesday had me anticipating jam night and more specifically, a big burger and fries. She made the comment how people always seem to get hungry when they talk to her. When she mentioned I should try the teriyaki chicken pineapple creation Jordan just came up with, I knew I was going to be in trouble. Too many choices and a hollow leg, not hollow enough for the king Kong challenge though 🙂

I ended up with an old favorite the 10 oz Wyatt Earp – Bob Barker just missed the cut. Paul went with a hybrid [Jordan’s suggestion] Col Sanders crossed with Jeff Spicoli. The music was great, Spencer, Zac, Tull and Gary were the main musicians jamming and had the room grooving all night. Cowboy Doug &  Leisa stopped by to join us for a drink on their way back from town and we saw lots of familiar faces on the dance floor. If you are heading to Ambergris Caye, don’t forget to put Legends Burger house on your island bucket list.

Legends weekly Calendar
Monday – Game night and Karaoke
Tuesday – Jam night show up plug in and play – 7PM happy hour from 6pm – 8pm 2 for 1 local rum and $4 beer
Wednesday – Trivia 6pm – Ladies 2 for 1 local rum, jello shots
Thirsty Thursday – Live music – 8pm – 2 for 1 local rum and $4 beer 6pm – 8pm
Frat Friday – beer pong tournaments
Saturday – Live music 6pm till late

I will leave you with a Wyatt Earp quote and pictures from Jam night and Legends facebook page.
Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything – Wyatt Earp

2 thoughts on “Hello Wyatt Earp

  1. KaraokeJoe says:

    Love the picture of me with the Tacos, I know I was a bit blurry that night, but I didn’t think I would actually blur!

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