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Been making great progress at the pool since I have started class again. I can see my muscles coming in my upper side chicken wing area and on my forearm. Eileen is very motivational and has a great sense of humor, makes class so much fun as do all the usual suspects that show up weekly – we have a great exercise group. I just emailed Island pool supplies and hoping they can order us more noodles and water weights so that the regulars can have their own sets. Don’t forget to join San Pedro Belize Aquafit facebook page so we can keep the class networked for those who are part timers due to living elsewhere.

I will leave you with a couple of updates from Jan Brown, Mama Vilma’s  and  Superbowl Sunday pictures.

Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Reserve is requesting assistance in locating a container.  Either a 20 or 40 foot unit will work for us.  In order to further the studies of this important Coastal Trading Village, excavated items need to be properly stored.  The current container has no room to accept items to be studied.  Therefore, we respectfully request your help in the donation or modest cost of a unit.  Please contact Jan Brown,, or 662-2725, if you have information about one.
Thank you very much.
Jan Brown

Your support added $11,000 to our account at Belize Bank. That is one more step toward our goal of opening a safe home where all services needed to help a struggling family…Food, Clothing, Shelter, Counseling, Medical Services and Education will be provided in a caring and compassionate way. Thank you to all that came out to support and enjoy this great event. You MADE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of those less fortunate.
Mama Vilma’s Comittie

2 thoughts on “Motivational

  1. tacogirl says:

    Al there are a few stages, one could start at lunch lady arms, bat wings or chicken wings then through the course of Eileen’s class come out a with a bikini body and well toned triceps area.

  2. Dr Al says:

    I took 2 courses in human anatomy – 1970 and 1972. Furthermore I taught the subject at the now dormant InterAmerican School of Medical Science in Corozal in 2006-7. Let me assure you Laurie that there is no such item in humans as “the chicken wing area”. Although if you are referring to a section at Pizza Hut then I stand corrected.

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