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Living in Belize

Surprise Cupcake Party


Jason was definitely surprised when we all jumped our from behind the bar as he walked in the room. After a day of fun with the boys on Caye Caulker Jason was about done celebrating and ready to chill at home – Kelsey managed to get him out of the house and to Legends.  Little did he know what was in store for him – 3 trays of  jello shots – a Poker Info Today pinata filled with good candy, cigars, condoms, mini booze bottles, a couple of trays of tasty chocolate cupcakes and a whole bunch of friends celebrating his birthday.

Happy Birthday Jason

Hiding behind the bar

SurpriseHappy Birthday Jason

Poker Info Today pinata


Jason's surprise party at Legends Burger House

Jewels passing Jello Shots

Celebrating Jason

Big turn out

Pinata time

Jason pokerinfotoday.com

Candy time

Jason smacked that pinata out fast

Celebrating Jason

Candy Condoms Cigars and more - great pinata stuffing

tacoboys sugar stash

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  1. tacogirl December 20, 2009

    lol big 40 I bet that will be one heck of a celebration. By that time I will be staring to think about 43 sneaking up on me in Sept.

  2. carbunkletrumpet December 20, 2009

    you know that April 3rd will start the celebration of CBT making 40 his Biotch don’t you? Start working on that Ms Party Planner!


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