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Laundry for Days

Going to air some dirty laundry today literally. Many of you who write me asking about things to consider when moving to the tropics – good airflow and laundry are two that top the list. I will use our bedroom closet as an example. We never had the best airflow in there to begin with though the size is decent. We used to do our best to keep things aired out so they would not get musty smelling. After the 11 inch rain we just had the leak that was small turned to mid sized. Was enough to get some stuff wet and so I had to take it all out and watch every single thing – thank god our borrowed washer came back when it did.

Now that I am ready to start putting things back I did a bit more thorough inspection of the closet and saw that the prognosis is not good – mold is going to be an issue. I will wash the ceiling down before heading to the pool and see how it goes from there. Must remember to check for the source – we think it is somewhere on the upstairs side veranda. Would be good to fill things now when it is dry and breezy.

Funny observation we moved Last Year right before lobsterfest – could this year be not long after?.

Joey I am sure all of you had fun in Barbados and Grenada. The count down is on and before you know it we will be talking in person. We have a lot of great things lined up for you and the crew and we will make your time here in San Pedro a memorable one – you will all enjoy how friendly everyone is – totally sesame street.

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What was to be a simple cleaning [wishful thinking] job turned into a minor renovation – past training taught me to scrape the plaster first to get rid of all the loose bits. Since I had no putty knife I used the end of a metal ruler and was not impressed by how much I was able to get off. I also noticed that one portion is plywood and the other drywall which starting to bow and it has a light fixture in it.

9:30 Low Rider just came on love this song – time to go get ready for the pool.

Fun group of people at the pool today… Maureen – Jo – Gwen – Ana – Cindy Forrest – Eileen and myself. On the way home Forrest was telling Cindy that 40 is the new 30. I agreed and took the reminder to come home and do an aloe home spa to help soften the sun – I also wore a visor to the pool it was super bright out.

Been networking Cousin Erin and Jo with Carbunke Trumpet in Memphis. They are passing through on their way to Texas and so I filled Erin in on how they should trust John for bbq as he owns a smoker and showed her pics of his cooking to back it up. I also told her about Tad’s tour which was of interest to her.

New water bill is in – not bad at $47.43 bzd Anyone else have a comparison for how much they spend on water here [or anywhere for that matter] in a month?

More later – got to find a good song and go wash down the closet before going to the pool. Good job tacoboy just made me another iced coffee.

10 thoughts on “Laundry for Days

  1. tacogirl says:

    It is a great tip Laura especially for here in the tropics. I am going to scale down the size and give it a try, We have one gallon containers to mix it in. That sounds like one Crazy flood.

  2. Laura says:

    Gotta trust me on the tsp thing. I am here to tell ya’ that it works! Even after a big flood that came up 8 ft in the house and deposited half of the silt in the river on the walls.! Many years later,the mildew and mold are just waiting to reappear! This mixture keeps it away.

  3. tacogirl says:

    Thanks that sounds good. So far I just scraped area clean and sprayed some hydrogen peroxide on the area to clean it. Why does stuff like this always come up at the wrong time lol. Least it is not raining one thing to be thankful for right now.

  4. Laura says:

    TSP-tri-sodium phosphate.

    Mix 1 cup tsp with 1 cup bleach with 4 gallons water. Use in a pump type sprayer. Spray the affected area, soak it thoroughly. Wipe it down with cloths (not paper towels). Wear gloves to protect your hands. You will be amazed at the results. LIke I mentioned, PRESTO no mold, nor will it recur any time soon.

  5. tacogirl says:

    Hi Laura. Oct 30th is not too far away. Great spot to have a birthday.

    What is t.s.p I may figure it out in a min but on just woke up status and now downed enough iced coffee yet.

  6. Laura says:

    We are on the countdown to October 30. A week at Captain Morgan’s for my 60th birthday…60 is the new 40!

    Good luck with the mold…try t.s.p. mixed with a little household bleach and wipe down the walls. Presto! no mold.

  7. tacogirl says:

    The wall can be hard. Hopefully you will get a chance to rest up. Weather gods are doing us well – the sun is holding steady only a very brief sprinkle earlier and the mosquitoes have been calmer the past few days. Spray is always a good just in case item.

  8. Joey Stevens & Bob says:

    Hit the wall a bit today, guess just tired from last weeks trip to Barbados and Grenada. Will be refreshed and ready to go Sunday when we head on down to San Pedro. Looking forward to meeting all the great people down there. I have to put a word in with the weather gods to see if we can get some good weather next week. By the way I bought a couple cans of bug repellant today because you said the misquitos were bad this year….

  9. Maureen says:

    Where are you going to move to? I just want to BE there. We are looking at 3 weeks next year same time frame as last year!

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