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Late lunch

Paul just called and told me to come for to a late lunch at Pedro’s. Since I ate light today with a few shrimp and some coleslaw after swimming, roast beef and the works sounded good.

Been tracking my map today – sending a shout out to those I happened to catch…

Stamford, Canada – Seattle, United States – Uvalda, United States – Belize City, Belize – Houston, United States – Fort Collins, United States – Mesquite, United States – Fresno, United States – Biloxi, United States – Jamaica, United States – Macon, United States – Macon, United States – Denver, United States – Washington, United States – Glendale, United States – Prescott, United States – Englewood, United States – Calgary, Canada – Vancouver, Canada – Winnipeg, Canada – New Orleans, United State – Sun Prairie, United States – Aberdeen, United States – Greensboro, United States – Boston, United States – London, United Kingdom – Austin, United States – Sabin, United States – Toronto, Canada – Conifer, United States – Alexandria, United States – Concord, United States – Indianapolis, United States – Elizabeth, United States – Boise, United States – Burlington, Canada – Reston, United States – Slough, United Kingdom – Fort Myers, United States – Albuquerque, United States – Regina, Canada – Nanaimo, Canada – Portland, United States – Kinston, United States – East Wenatchee, United States – Settimo Torinese, Italy – Halifax, Canada – Monroe, United States – Saskatoon, Canada – San Mateo, United States – Topeka, United States – San Jose, United States

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Lunch on Pedro’s veranda

Late lunch


2 thoughts on “Late lunch

  1. Statia Girl says:

    Hi Taco girl
    I hope I didn’t mess up and you get this twice – I am new to blogs. I have been watching yours for about a week now. It’s awesome so thanks for that! My husband and I are looking into moving to Ambergris Caye. We first traveled to Belize in 2004 with my parents and fell in love. We’ve been back once more since. A bit of background – he was raised in Guadeloupe in the FWI and we lived together for some time in St Eustatius (Statia) – his parents have been in the islands for over 40 years – his Dad is currently in Santo Domingo. Hubby is an Executive Chef and we’ve both been in the biz all our lives. We’re looking for an island to retire on and hopefuly one where we can have a small place – maybe 20 seats – of our own and we’re both avid divers so Ambergris Caye seems perfect. We’re coming down in Sept 2009 to see if we really love it as much as we think we do to buy. We’re currenlty in Calgary AB – about as far as you can get from sun and water without actually hitting the true prairies like SK and MB!! We’re thinking condo so we can get a feel for the island, shopping, getting groceries etc and any advice you might have on where to stay or a real estate agent would be greatly appreciated. I realize that your blog – and your life – must keep you extremely busy so if you don’t have time to respond understandable but any advice at all would be fantastic!!
    hope to hear from you!
    Statia Girl AKA Debi

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