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Casual Observations

Since my cleanse I have been observing myself in relation to the foods I eat.

Some of the things that I ate before do not seem to taste as good now. One example is maple pecan crunch cereal – I really enjoyed eating this for an occasional snack food or quick breakfast. Yesterday I was having a bowl in the afternoon and I noticed while eating it that I just did not feel like I was putting anything useful into my body.

I find this both happy and sad at the same time. Happy that my new found awareness will help keep me on the up and up food wise at the same time sad it makes it harder for me to enjoy some of the things I used to.

My goal after the cleanse was to continue to moderate 3 things in my diet flour, sugar and dairy products in my diet.

Was a busy day today as I was about to head off to 9am advisory board meeting, Mary called and asked if I needed to go to town for anything and said she could drop me right to the bridge when she found out my plans. She said to call after the meeting was done and she would likely be able to come get me – my lucky day. To read more about what is going on at Holy Cross School please visit school blog.

After the meeting we met up and ran a few errands then Mary took me out for a belated birthday lunch at Tackle Box and back home.

Advisory board meeting

Mary meeting me at the bridge

Big lobster

Big lobster

Big lobster

Hanging out with Mary and Rudy at Tackle Box

Lobster time

Mary taking pics on the dock

Afternoon barracuda delivery from Capt Jeff

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