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Last Minute Vacation to a Surprise Destination

Travel snacks, a supply of vitamins and load of laundry on the go – check. Packing for my last minute vacation will recommence as soon as I finish  this post, I was planning to finish last night and ended up at Trivia instead. Congrats to the Westies who took the $90 Darth Vader head prize pot.

I figured since all my electronic gear was charged it would  I would not have to much to do this morning before I leave. Wrong I was, new chores keep popping up faster than I can cross off everything I wanted to get done before leaving 🙂 Thankfully the sheets are ready to go in the dryer.

The countdown is officially on 🙂 It is 7:00am and I start the first leg of my 3 part journey by getting to Tropic Air for 8:30 am to check in and catch my 9:00am flight to Philip Goldson International Airport. You will find out soon enough where I ended up.

Travel Tip: This is for those of you who are planning your first Belize Vacation and wondering what the timing is like for clearing customs and getting to or flying from San Pedro Airport. The Tropic Air guideline is as follows: Allow for 45 minutes upon landing to clear customs and for return flights time they ask that you be at International airport 2 h ahead of your scheduled flight.

tropic air belize
Soon that will be me taking up one of those seats
san pedro airort
Almost Flying time
tropic air
Up up and away
philip goldson airport
First Stop Philip Goldson International airport

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