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Pineapple on my Pizza

I knew it would be a busy day so I decided to prepare with a Belize breakfast of champions – 2 iced coffees, leftover Pedro’s pizza that Paul brought home last night and some ruffles potato chips is a clear sign I have fallen off the wagon food wise.

As I was reheating pizza, 3 thoughts came to mind.
1. I have not been eating nearly enough fruit and vegetables this past week.
2. At least there is pineapple on my pizza, 🙂  thanks to Paul’s new favorite being – thin crust Hawaiian with Bacon.
3. Think I will be ordering Garlic Shrimp or Chicken wings and hopefully be able to resist the pizza in Pedro’s poker room tonight.

We are live at the  first Ladies poker night at Pedro’s Poker room. Paula and I got here only to discover that the internet has been down all day, leaving me wondering how I was going to live blog and stream.

Thankfully our host for the evening Jason had my back and I am now able to blog by tapping into the connection on his cell phone – a happy geek moment for me ha ha. Next step is to see if it is fast enough to stream – we both do not think so but still hopeful. I am going test it right now and see, will update here and on facebook.

We have the video running but on our end, it is not streaming fast enough so people are likely seeing a frozen image or slight movement and hearing a bunch of girls gone wild, they way more vocal and excitable at the table than boys Ha Ha.

Jason is doing an excellent job teaching everyone how to play, unfortunately I am missing it all so my plan is to sit next to Aida and wing it 🙂

Still not made it to the table yet, two of us are waiting for seats to open up but everyone playing is too well.  It has been fun watching and chatting about future ladies nights and plans for an all girl tournament down the road.

Congratulations to Purdy Grl for winning my Belize Poker Trivia question.  Her mystery prize  is a gift certificate from Cowboy Doug’s poolside Bar at Grand Caribe or El Divino at Banana Beach.

The answers to this mornings 5 Poker Trivia questions are as follows. mysteryboy guessed them all right but still has to decide which of his 3 choices for the Island poker player he will go with.

1. Where was Texas Hold’em invented?
Robstown, Texas

2. Why is the hand Aces and Eights referred to as the Dead Man’s Hand?
Because Wild Bill Hickok was holding it when he was shot at the poker table

3.Why is the 10-2 called the Doyle Brunson?
Brunson is convinced that the hand A-Q can be beaten in too many ways. On the flip side Brunson won theWorld Series of Poker with A-Q twice in back to back years.

4. Name 3 Hollywood actors who have won major tournaments.
Gabe Kaplan won a Super Bowl of Poker, Jennifer Tilly won a WSOP bracelet in the 2005 NL Hold’em Ladies Event, Ben Affleck won the 2004 California State Poker Championship for $356,000, and although he’s never won a tournament, Phil Hellmuth estimates that Tobey Maguire has won more than $10,000,000 playing poker.

5. What is the name of the book Barry Greenstein gives an autographed copy to every player who knocks him out of a tournament?
Ace on the River.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in live and helped with info from afar regarding live stream via facebook, and to Jason for hosting a great night and providing me with internet to live blog :).

9 thoughts on “Pineapple on my Pizza

  1. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    So good to see the smiling faces of Cindy and Ruthie at the poker tourney. By the way we now have a Monday night TV addiction of Tony B’s new show “The Layover”. This past weeks show he was in Roma and they made fun of Pineapple and Ham pizza too!

  2. paula segrest says:


  3. boby says:

    I would add the Victoria House Salad as my favorite. Will have to try those you mentioned next trip. By the way, love the webcams! The technology certainly has advanced. Where are the locations?

  4. tacogirl says:

    True Boby. What are your favorite Salad recommendations on Ambergris Caye? Love Amy’s Chef Salad from Wild Mangos and El Divino Shrimp or Chicken Caesar, they also serve a nice side of salad/salsa on the plate with their shrimp quesadillas. I facebooked to see what people’s fav salads are on page to get some more recommends.

  5. boby says:

    This post touches one of my only complaints about San Pedro and that is it is very hard to get good veggies in the restaurants, especially in the resorts. Coconut shrimp is great but after a week I can feel my arteries clogging! I guess this is true of any resort/vacation area; they tend to sell food that you don’t get at home.(and not so good for you)

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