June Weather in Belize

June Weather, Beach Pictures and Avocados

Right now I would classify avocados as a somewhat rare and tasty treat (at least I have not seen any on Ambergris lately.) That was the first item that caught my attention on Pandora’s farm-fresh list from Kunahmul Organics this week.

Amy’s Salad Mix 250 g. $10.00, avocados $2.50 each, red lettuce 280 g. $10.00, Malabar spinach 230 g. $7.50, okra red and green. $4.50, eggplant medley 230 g. $4.50, sweet Thai basil 35 g. $4.00, purple basil 25 g. $4.00, lemon basil. $4.00, lemon balm 30 g. $4.00, oregano 30 g. $4.50, mint 30 g. $4.50, culantro 45 g. $4.00, serrano peppers 230 g $4.50, poblano peppers 230g $4.00, Mexican sweet peppers $3.00, turmeric 230 g. $3.50, kennikura flowers 20 g. $4.00, moringa flowers 20 g. $4.00, moringa leaves 20 g. $4.00, lemongrass 230 g. $4.00,
papalo 30 g. $4.00, Watermelon p/p. $1.00

Treat yourself to some healthy organic fruits vegetables. (No matter where you live.)

To place a custom farm-fresh order, email Pandora at kobelize@gmail.com or WhatsApp +501-610-5115. If you like surprises, ask for your $30 or $50 tacogirl vegetable box. (Payments can be made online or in-person at Belize Bank.)

*Please note sometimes the internet is sketchy at the farm. Texting or calling can be the best way to reach Pandora if you do not hear back quickly about your order. Also, get an occasional treat when you order and mention my blog.

Organic farming in Belize

June Weather in Belize

According to the National Meteorological Service of Belize general weather forecast, for coastal areas, we are about to get a shift and experience northeast winds over the weekend. Being that we just entered the start of the rainy season, we should be getting more showers and thunderstorms as well. I’m so grateful I found door slides at Castillos to help me waterproof in that direction.

As for temperature, today it is partly cloudy with scattered showers, highs of 87°F/31°C and lows of 80°F or 27°C. We have also experienced recent high tides. As you can see in the picture below, the lagoon was definitely overlapping the road on Nurse Shark St. near the International Water Taxi area.

June Weather in Belize

That same day, I was walking on the beach. There were lots of exposed pipes and windblown bits. The picture below is looking south by Ocean Ferry Water Taxi.

June Weather in Belize

Some stretches of beach were cleaner and thankfully there were lots of sargasso free areas. Also thankful to Leahann Alcazar and Frank Lepiane who sponsored posts to help tacogirl.com survive the limited economic recovery of Ambergris Caye due to Covid-19 and loss of tourism. Our country and our island are getting hit hard with an economic crash.

Belize beach

As you view the picture below, take a few seconds, and imagine walking the beach. Enjoy the seaside breeze in your hair. Feel the cool clear water and sand between your toes. So peaceful. So Belize.

Beach near the Phoenix Resort Belize

By the two-tone look of the sand, it appears the sea was coming over the seawall.

Ecologic  Dive Shop and Phoenix Resort

While grocery shopping on my way home, the headlines below made me laugh – tacos are back 😀 My friend Cindy and niece Tinker were also happy that we get the occasional fun of our Fantasy 5 lottery tickets. If ever there was a useful time for us to hit the jackpot, It would definitely be now 🙂

In other Belize Covid-19 news, the Government of Belize (GOB) SI rules got further relaxed. As of June 12th, there is a nightly curfew extension to 10:00 pm and midnight on weekends. Parks and contact sports are back in, and social gatherings (with distancing) have increased from 40 to now allow a group of 100 people to assemble. Provided nothing major happens, our State of Emergency (SOE) will end June 30th, 2020. Although I have to wonder what is the point? With Philip Goldson’s International Airport not having any projected reopening date, it will be hard to stimulate our economy enough internally. Crime will only get worse eventually, and a curfew is a nice safety feature, as well as making it easier for police to do their jobs.

Amandala Belize Newspaper

I will leave you a hot daydreamy picture of the Belikin beverage tractor on Back St. Imagine you are finishing up your shopping and heading home for some Belikins and burgers on the grill. Make mine a fully loaded caramelized onion, bacon, swiss, please 😉

Belikin Delivery Tractor San Pedro

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