June in Belize

Habanero Patch, Lobster Mania and New Frequent Flyer Codes

It’s been hotter than 2 goats in a habanero patch and dustier than excavating Maya ruins. So dusty that it has been causing some people to have breathing issues and due to a road detour, extra cleaning work for many as a steady stream of traffic re-routes past them causing continuous clouds.

The San Pedro Facebook world was extremely grateful for Thursday night’s rain which came heavy and hard. The island and everyone on it needed a wash.

I now live in a “lakefront” apartment. I will take that over muddy Olympic sized pothole pools in San Pablo any day. I love living in town and it is absolute heaven that I can get so many great things delivered. Friday it was sesame ginger chicken with stir fry veggies and noodles from the lunch box ($15 bz right to my door) and a great 1/2h workout from have fun stay fit (personal trainer $10 bz also right to my door). Sunday it will be energy treatments for Socialite Sandie from Dan who works with Science and Soul Wellness at Mahogany Bay. All part of maintaining good health.

After a long absence I started up with Sara, my trainer again. I had scheduled her twice this week and due to high temperatures on Wednesday and rain today we did the workout in my house. I always bring music to exercise but I really enjoyed adding air-conditioning, disco lights and my 43 inch BBC/Blue Planet aquarium. It made for a completely different workout than on the dock which includes, boat traffic and bird watching on the lagoon.

I figured it is good to get in shape now as the June eating season is almost upon us. 😀

Fun Food Festivals June

June really is a great time to plan a vacation if you want to catch some really good parties – see below for new frequent flyer codes. It happens to be the opening of legal lobster season in Belize and several districts celebrate with delicious food festivals to highlight and honor the change of seafood season from closed to open. As a way of protecting the environment Belize fisheries has created seasons to allow for our ocean environment to replenish itself naturally. To learn more read Seafood Guide for Fishing in Belize – information regarding seasons, bans, size limits, invasive species and more.

Lobster in Belize
June marks the start of Lobster season and it runs till Valentines
Lobster in Belize
June is Lobster festival month in Belize and this year spills over into July

Onto the June food parties and their dates.

San Pedro Lobster Festival

This year June 15 – 24, 2017, will mark the 11th annual event to kickoff lobster season. Great lobster dishes will be served around town for the “Lobster Crawl” (click on the title link about for the details) all leading up to lobster heaven and the grand finale at Central Park. Find out more on the official San Pedro Lobster Festivalwebsite and like them on Facebookto keep up with all the great prizes in this years lobster crawl.

Placencia Lobster Festival

The 19th Annual Placencia Lobsterfest runs from June 23 – 25th. If you like winning great stuff this is another good one to attend, they have over 84 (and still collecting) raffle prizes from $25.00 certificates to Delta Airlines tickets. Prizes are always worth attending events for in Belize and it is so easy to hop a Tropic Air flight and catch the lobster feast.

Caye Caulker Lobster Festival

Squeaking in on June 30th, Caye Caulker Lobster Fest runs to July 2.This one almost did not happen this year but thankfully it was rescued. I have been to this one a few times and always enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. It was super fun to walk the main strip and see all the action and stop for succulent lobster treats along the way to the split. click through to My Beautiful Belize for this years event schedule.

Dia De San Pedro

Held in San Pedro the three day festival honors the patron saint of the town, St. Peter. During this time boats and fishermen are blessed. June 29 – July 2, 2017. Although the San Pedro Town Council is still working on event schedule, you can guarantee: great people watching, crazy rides, fun games, good fair food and entertainment. Sometimes this one is a little too much fun – right next to my apartment. The price of living in town; and it’s funny how I have come full circle. I remember walking to the fair from my first apartment 11 years ago which I can now see from my roof top.

June Weather in Belize

It is considered low or slow season in Belize right now as other parts of the world experience cottage country. Officially it is the start of hurricane and rainy season in Belize. Thankfully the reality is only a 2 percent likelihood that a named tropical storm will approach within 100 miles (165 km) of Belize during June. Major hurricanes are uncommon this time of year.

Average land and sea temperatures 29°C (84°F) – has recently felt like 37°C (98.6°F) on land due to high humidity. June 5th the 34°C and all the old goats like my self 😉 retreated from the stifling habanero patch with 100% humidity. Thankfully I got a 2 day beach breeze at Victoria House before the heat started to climb.

June 2017 sunrise ranges from 05:17 on June 1, to 05:22 on June 30, with sunsets being at 18:24 (6:24 pm) on the 1st and 18:31 (6:31 pm) on the 30th. As for daylight, Belize gets an average 195 succulent sunny hours in June, or 7 sunshiny hours per day – for those who like their math already done.

To find out more about annual weather and what our seasons click through to Belize Weather page. Read what TripAdvisor contributors say about the weather on Ambergris Caye in the travel weather forum.

For more detailed information and weather statistics, visit The National Meteorological Service of Belize website. They are the national authority which provides meteorological and climate-based information to the people of Belize.

June in Belize
Enjoying a luxurious breeze at Victoria House
Flying from Belize City to Ambergris Caye
It’s hotter than a pepper patch. Stay hydrated
Caye Caulker Flights
Pit stop on Caye Caulker
June in Belize
Coming in for a landing
Tacogirl Tropic Air Belize 10% Discount ode
June to August frequent flyers codes

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