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Jedi Kitesurfing San Pedro

Those of you who live here or have visited San Pedro, know what I mean by saying a well-timed walk often brings satisfying rewards. It could be running into someone you know, or seeing something off the wall, like a guy riding his bike sitting backward. It’s no urban legend -I saw that once, unfortunately, I did not have my phone with me at the time for a picture. There is a lot of interesting road traffic here.

This time around, for me, it was beach traffic and a Jedi kitesurfer. He was absolutely captivating and stopped my time clock instantly – I was doing an errand run to town and had a one-hour window.

My surprise show started at the Ugly Duck beachfront restaurant and then progressed to the next set down between Dream Catcher Pier (where the Seaduced by Belize catamaran parks) and Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop. See that black shape high above the dock? That’s Luis having skillfully sailed up and over it.

dream catcher pier san pedro belize

I was fascinated watching him gracefully glide back and forth.

 kitesurfing san pedro

He flew through the air with the greatest of ease.

 kitesurfing san pedro

The following video shows just how gold medal Luis is, watch him fly up and over the Dream Catcher building (1:20) – mad skills. I say that having taken a kite surfing lesson on the west side of Ambergris Caye before, it definitely takes practice. I did get airborne and it was not on purpose.

The show ended and my journey continued south. I hit the beach at Blue Tang and decided to snap a couple of pics for Belize lovers Kelly Jones and his wife who always stay there. It’s a great central location, walking distance to town, Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop, and the popular Boca del Rio beach road with lots of great bars and restaurants to enjoy. Another benefit to staying there is that you can enjoy snorkeling Hol Chan Marine reserve by sailing on the Sirena Azul.

belize beach

One last reason BT is a good place to stay, is hammock time and the use of kayaks. Unfortunately, it was raining when I stayed at Blue Tang Inn – I still had a great staycation though.

thatched roof palapa blue tang inn

Onward to town, I love living in a place where a local produce vendor does a pop-up shop taking up half a sidestreet.

downtown san pedro

Destination in sight, Pollo Felize (lunchtimes only) in the front of Waruguma Restaurant – famous for their giant burritos.

waruguma restaurant

Rotisserie Chicken costs $20 BZD and comes with corn tortillas and pico de gallo (a type of uncooked, chunky salsa.) Makes an excellent easy snackable if you have a fridge in your hotel room, or a great simple dinner if you are doing a long mainland tour and just want to enjoy cocktails and a meal on your veranda instead of going out.

grocery shopping at pollo feliz san pedro belize

One last stop before heading home, Omega fruit and vegetable store for a semi-rare treat – a Japanese apple. Cost about five Belize dollars which is why I said rare treat the semi part was because I do not see them too often.

japanese apple

I believe in a happy ending so I will leave you with a last picture of Luis’s aerial acrobatics to keep you daydreaming of your next adventure.

 kitesurfing san pedro activities

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  1. Linda Schillat says:

    Love your posts! I think my husband and I have spotted Luis when walking the beach north of town! He’s an amazing athlete and so skilled at dock jumping! Crazy fun to watch!

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