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Jamila’s cake party

People were taking bets on how fast I would get my blog up tonight so the official time is 11:05 pm. The party is still going and I decided to slip away to the computer for a minute. I figured better get something up now cause we have reservations at Changes in Latitudes for 8am breakfast.

Jamila was surprised when she walked into Pedro’s tonight. She was not expecting a crowd of crowd of people shouting happy birthday. Paul and Andi-Lee did fire show. Afterwards we played pin the tail on the donkey and Walter took pics with everyone sharing his dreads.

Off to breakfast – this post still under construction

Cup cakes from Tabu

Waiting to surprise Jamila

Jamila and Jim

Jamila and Amanda

Girls having fun

Enjoying the party

Big turn out to celebrate Jamila’s birthday

Maya Rudy Colette Jamila

Cup Cake time

Cupcake snatchers

Busy party

Lots of people

Guess whose clevage

Jamila and Walter

Peter getting Walter to let his hair down

Jamila and Walter

Happy people

Walter loves pictures

JD and Walter

Herb Carole and Dick

Andi-Lee and Paul H

Fire show

Fire show

Playing with fire

Paul and Andi-Lee

Jamila pinning the tail on the donkey

Getting colder

Jim finding his way back to the donkey

Amanda guiding JD in the right direction

JD and Herb

Posing for pics with Walter

Girls having fun

Walter and Jamila

Enough hair to share

Walter and the girls

Walter had pic with everyone tonight

Happy Couple

Jamila and Jim Dancing

Cindy and Carole

Party in Rudy’s cart

Jamila Walter Jim

Jager boys

(B)rat pack

Forrest just got back

Carole Paul and Dick

Party people

Forest Marie 2 Pauls Stacy

Walter and JD

Walter and Phil

Stacy and Walter

Pedro showing his true naughty by self

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  1. tacogirl says:

    You win the prize but since you are anonymous I will just have to give the belikin beer away to someone else ha ha.

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