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Living in Belize

Breakfast at Changes in Latitudes


Nothing like a good breakfast after a late night party.

We headed off to Changes in Latitudes early this morning to eat, I can honestly say it was worth getting up for. It was really nice eating outdoors on such a gorgeous day and enjoyed chatting with the girls. We started our meal with coffee and fruit salad then moved onto juice, a yummy omelet in a tortilla with melted cheese on top and refried beans on the side. After that we ate the mini chocolate chip muffins came with our breakfast what a happy ending.

Here is the usual weekly menu for Changes in Latitudes guests…

Every Morning we start with Coffee or Tea and a nice bowl of local fruits that include but are not limited to : Pineapple, Papaya, Kiwi, Oranges, Pink Grapefruit, Grapes, Star Fruit, Mango and Dragon Fruit.

Each day is different. hot breakfast that never repeating its self so guest will enjoy a different plate each morning. Every other day we have local flavor and the odd days we serve something sinful.

Sundays: Belizean Cinnamon Eggy Toast which is much like french toast but yummier Mondays: Breakfast Granachas, a local favorite with Cinnamon Crips on the side.
Tuesday: Hot Oatmeal -Banana Pancakes with hot maple syrup for topping
Wed: Huevos Rancheros a Central American breakfast dish which has become popular throughout the world.
Thursday: Chocolate Waffles stuffed with chocolate chips, covered with bananas and whipped cream.
Friday: Belizean Egg, Bacon, Cheese Burritos. Covered with a light spicy cream sauce.
Saturday: Sausage Pancake Egg Sandwich and it’s your choice to smother it with butter and maple syrup or not…but it’s yummy either way. And of course we serve fresh juice & water with each meal.

For more information on Staying at Changes in Latitudes just click their ad to the right hand side.

Welcome to Changes in Latitudes

Outdoor eating under thatched roof

Started breakfast with fruit salad and coffee

Yum – breakfast even came with miniature muffins

One of the Rooms – very relaxing

Outdoor living room

Lush gardens

For those who like to lounge

Cindy an Richard gave us a ride down the road what timing

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  1. Mikeywaz November 7, 2007

    Will definitely check it out when we’re there in February. We had hoped to stay there, but they were booked. There’s always next time…..

  2. tacogirl November 6, 2007

    It sure does Chloe.

    I rgodfrey agree Cindy and Renita are great, definitely worth staying there.

  3. rgodfrey3 November 6, 2007

    We, my husband and I, have stayed at Changes in Latitudes. Actually we have been blessed to have visited twice now. Their chocolate waffles smothered in chocolate sauce are to die for, as well as, all the other wonderful breakfasts we shared there. It was most certainly relaxing, beautiful, and enjoyable. The hosts, Cindy and Renita, are wonderful. I must say that it’s the best placed I have stayed in all of my travels. One must book time there to see it for themselves.

  4. Chloe November 6, 2007

    Wow, Changes in Latitudes, looks so restful and inviting.

    Yummy breakfast.


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