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I’ve got mail

I received my first 2 pieces of mail to our new mailbox. Miss Dianne even called me personally last week to let me know I had mail how cool is that? Went to pick mail up Sunday after breakfast which was totally convenient – San Pedro Public is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm so that is a wide range of time to be able to get my mail and they never close for lunch which is a bonus. Nothing against the post office guys cause I know everyone needs a lunch break but I lost count of how my times I missed checking my mail cause of lunch hour.

First 2 winners of the post card contest are in. The Edwards family send greetings from Denver Colorado and Reasons Why I love Belize, especially San Pedro… Salbutes – Panty Rippers – The Reef – Belikin from Courtney and her pretty bird Cleo in Memphis . I will get your postcards in the mail this week (hopefully)

There are still 5 San Pedro post cards left to win.

Purchased at Corona Del Mar / Woody’s Wharf gift shop – they show a view from the way back machine when the streets were still sand and gridlock was on foot. I rate it definitely frame or fridge worthy.

To enter the contest: Mail your post cards to …
Laurie Norton Unit 529
Quick Silver Messenger Service
San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye
Belize, Central America

tq just commented that she missed the first post so just click on the original challenge to catch up if did not happen to catch post first time around.

First time to mail box

Jack pot 2 post cards and no bills

My postcards

Back of Courtney and Cleo’s post card

7 thoughts on “I’ve got mail

  1. tacogirl says:

    Rump posted back of postcard. I know nothing about either one but based on the feeling I got when I saw them on tv for a second last night I am hoping Obama wins too. I knew you and Cleo would be one of the contest winners.

    Mary and Gerry not met Courtney yet but can’t wait to in new year – maybe we can all get together.

  2. The Adventures of Mary & Gerry says:

    Oh Courtney! You are TOO cute! Glad you won too…rooting for da ObamaMan…

  3. rump shaker says:

    yay cleo and i won-we never seem to win anything-hopefully obama will win today so i can say i have had 2 successes today!!you should post a pic of the other side of the card!

  4. tacogirl says:

    thanks anon think tacopaul will put me in the corner if I ask for a change back lol. I will make sure he sees your comment. I was looking to make it simplified also wanted blue over previous colors. Do you like the color at least if not the new layout? Same pic at top still to come he has just not been able to finish changes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good Stuff on the blog…but i really do miss your last layout….looks all congested this way, think it has to do with the color….jus my opinion..


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