Living on Ambergris Caye Island

It’s Not All Fun and Games Living on Ambergris Caye Island

For many, living on Ambergris Caye Island presents a challenging paradigm. Being largely a ‘drinking island’ the results of alcohol on working and personal environments can often reach crazy proportions.

What would not be the norm elsewhere is often overlooked in regards to drinking. I once had a friend tell me he knew where to buy beer at 6:00 am if he needed to. My first thought was, “buddy that is the last thing you need to know”. That was a few years ago, sadly he has been spiraling ever since. I have also heard tales of repeat black-outs from the same person. At 49, I do not understand how that is fun, I tried it once (at 16) and vowed never again. To this day 33 years later I have been drunk way too many times to count (sorry mom) but kept my promise to myself and never blacked out again.

Drinking Made Easy

Living on a tropical island you can always find friends to play with at bars. Plus there is a tendency to get instantly thrown on the vacation party mode ride when friends are visiting or simply because we can all too easily. It is an above average party place with a strong social bar culture.

This can be lots of fun but the flip side is not always fun.

Many of us living in San Pedro are all too familiar with having a friend lose a job or seen/lived through a relationship on the road to ruin because of alcohol. Some of us have even experienced inappropriate behavior from someone who is married (or single) who went octopus in a bad way or placed going to a bar as a top priority over other plans. I have lived through all of the above and for this reason (among many others related to alcoholics) I am proud to say I have not had an alcoholic drink since August 31, 2014. When I watch what goes on around me it is all too easy to stay sober.

Please do not mistake this post as passing judgment in any way shape or form. I understand the seriousness of alcoholism and it is not an easy battle to fight, especially here. If you or someone you know can benefit from having a great group of people to talk to, look no further, Alcoholics Anonymous San Pedro Chapter is an effective island option. Last meeting schedule I have on file (dated 2014) is Tues-Fri; noon at Catholic Church rectory on Front Street near the park and Boca Del Rio also near the park every day at 6:00 pm. If you need a contact person to talk to Saul is a great guy and can be reached at 627-1585.

Living on Ambergris Caye Island
Have fun, avoid heavy drinking the night before diving and other tours.

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