It’s a Mystery and 2 Great Travel Tuesday tips

by tacogirl
golf cart picture san pedro belize

Ever have computer programs suddenly change on you and the change back a while later just as mysteriously as they have changed in the first place?

Lately it has been happening to me a fair bit, one day my iTunes switched to a new format after I downloaded the latest update.  I got used to the new way of navigating the new look when out of the blue the other day I was adding a few songs and it some how had reverted to the original screen view. Same tech issue also happened with one of my picture viewers minus the uploading latest version which makes it even weirder.

A similar tech issue also happens with Facebook where sometimes it will allow me to upload a new timeline pic to my page and other times it will not let me do it unless I select use Facebook as tacogirl option and it keeps going back and forth.

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Travel Tuesday Tips:

  • Don’t want to buy loud patterned identifiable luggage? Mark your bags with something that makes it easy to spot. I tie printed bandana’s to our handles, making them easy to recognize it at baggage claim.
  • Find out how you can turn a bit of  spare luggage space into voluntourism and help Romantic Travel Belize support 3 great charities. San Pedro Belize Red Cross, Saga Humane Society and NAC/CCM Island Committee formerly known as the San Pedro Aids Commission.
san pedro town

Not taking that road with the big mysterious long dark puddle

ziplock bags pictures

This is how I packed for my last 2 business meetings, heavy on waterproofing and bug spray

soft top golf cart roof

One of the cooler looking golf carts on the island.

golf cart picture san pedro belize

Sporty ride

san pedro belize

Fresh coat of paint for this house on the beach road

belize bird

Bird perched in a tree

hand painted sign in san pedro town

Cool old hand painted sign


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Dr Al July 16, 2013 - 2:15 pm

The bird is a boat tailed grackle ( Quiscalus major) Thought you may wish to know. There are ornithologists who read tis blog from time to time..

tacogirl July 16, 2013 - 5:07 pm

It was a grackle that killed tacoboys dolphin, Dr Al.

Grackles Attack Dolphin


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