kinnons garden

I am ready

I am ready for…

a really nice washing machine (Laundry service would be acceptable too)
a great new apartment – Big Bright Breezy – view veranda – great neighborhood
Mexico bloggers meet

bring it on 🙂

Still listening to Love fm lol managed to get 2 buckets of laundry done. Have Cinco De Mayo meeting at noon then see Stacy later for more healing help.

Some of todays song list

Let’s just kiss and say goodbye
Love hurts – this one made us both laugh what a mix they play
Hopelessly devoted to you

Close to 11 Cindy stopped by for a visit – Saw Rudy downstairs at barefoot books too he reminded me about coolers for Pauls party. So please feel free to bring a cooler if you have one – we also need more music any kind is welcome. Bring warm wear just in case

11:11 make a wish – I wish for something to eat going to make that happen right now and go get a yogurt – mmm cherry with probiotics I didn’t even know there were going to be 3 choices when made my wish, how lucky is that

Time is moving to fast – resisting any fleeting urges to wash the dishes and heading back to bed for a few min to rest before meeting. More later – see below.

Flat Stanley and Cindy

Watching Travel Channel most of the night some cool shows on landscapes of the west and best ones of the country.

Was cleaning Pauls desk for his birthday. He gets that and his party lol. I need a paper shredder for old bills lol. They say you are supposed to keep track of those, but I never liked the idea of the pile of bills growing as you add last paid to the stack it just does not resonate. Maybe it is time for a bill disappearing party after all 2007 feels light years away already.

Paul just came home from Paul and Cindy’s while I was sidetracked signing into blog and noticed his desk – he asked if I cleaned to which I said “Yup Happy Birthday” and we both laughed loud ha ha.

He went off to find Paul and Cindy at chicken drop and I am going get a fruit snack and watch more tv.

South Park is on – the whole town lost internet connection and everyone is going crazy. Too funny.

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