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Living in Belize

King size island


Could not connect with the Doctor today for a visit so I am blogging in bed and relaxing to the tunes of Love fm.

Perfect selection of cool and schmaltzy songs today.

Song list and juicy-bedroom pic to come.

Just realized while shooting the picture below I have officially outed us as people who sleep with stuffed animals. These are our pets – ZippyManatee – butterfly – Waylin – Patrick – big red heart

Here is some Love fm that I heard this aft interspersed catchy jingles with creole commercials

Starting over – John Lennon
Down town – Petula Clark
Do you want to know a secret?
Truly Deeply – Savage Garden
I’ll be there -Sade
some boy band
Guess I’m on my way
I want to thank you – Dido
Easy like Sunday morning
Happy Spanish song
I’m Like Bird – Nelly F
First Last Everything – Barry White
You make me feel like Dancing
Jessy’s girl
Hurt so good – talk about schmaltzy
coming in from the cold – Bob Marley been waiting for 2 days to hear him lol.
On top of the world Ann Murray
3:32 DB called
Hot Child in the city
Don’t Leave me this way
Some guys have all the luck
Worlds longest Beatles mix is on now – I swear they mixed every mix ever made on this one

Eating porridge Cinnamon roll Apple and cut up a banana – I was craving stick to your ribs – and getting full with little effort ha. Owo knows comfort foods I guess I do do as the apple pack was from last years hurricane kit. What a nut I packed porridge so I knew I could be instantly full anytime I needed. I often wonder who put my stomach in charge?

Things on my king size island besides me

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  1. tacogirl April 16, 2008

    You got it girl there will be a full range of relatively new magazines for you to browse next time you stay at the tacoshack

  2. travelqueen April 16, 2008

    Save that SI for me! That Marisa Miller is a hotty!!! lol


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