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Happy Birthday Paul

When you can make a decision, step aside and let the universe handle the details the results are so much easier. We made the decision we are going to Mexico and though there are still some obstacles there we are letting it happen as best we can.

I am excited for…
getting a massage in 40 minutes
seeing Stacy after massage
Paul’s party tonight
Mexico tomorrow

I feel like a weight is lifting and the massage and my work with Stacy after will help to further clear things. Cindy came by too and fully agreed on us going away right now as a great decision.

Thank you so much for the gift of massage Shannon.
Carrie ended up doing it as Jennifer was not able to. It was just what I needed to help loosen me up and let go.

Carrie knew just what I needed and what she told me at various points during the massage was right on the same page as what Stacy has been telling me. She also gave me homework to stretch my shoulders out more which will help.

Whoo Hoo
I am officially on vacation. Going to riding around on a golf cart on Isla Mujeres this weekend – I am so psyched.

Paul is still officially celebrating himself with good friends on the beach. So many great people helped make this day rock for Paul.

Lara gave me a ride home with Paul’s Pirate booty and came up to chat while I did some puttering towards packing my bag. I decided to take only my powerpuff girls knapsack and keep it really light.

Chatted Db a bit on phone he is going to help me do make a few calls for Cinco De Mayo that need to be made this weekend so I do not need to worry about it.

Carole Lara and David all got flyers as well to help put a few around town.

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I am going to go veg and watch tv.

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  1. GypsyJosie says:

    Happy Birthday Paul! Hope you guys have a great trip to Mexico. See you soon, sooner than you might think 😉


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