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Hurricane season in Belize

The buzz between friends these days goes between Carole and Dick going back to Canada to sell off & size down and hurricane season. For those of us expats living on the Island of Ambergris Caye hurricane season in Belize an important weather related topic that comes up yearly.

I have a list started of all the shops we go to around town and I am going to make note of what is good to buy where for emergency prep stuff. Cindy and I also have lists going for survival tips and we are going to make a master list. One good tip is to make sure to have enough food and clean water for 3 days per person as well as flush-able water on hand.

After two coconut phone conversations this morning, I decided to start pulling all of our emergency food supplies out of the cupboard and see what we have. I am going to put it all in our blue plastic crystal bin so we can have a grab and go if we need to since we have decided not to stay at our apt in the event of a storm.

Colette has just told us we are welcome there if we need to. Her neighbors are on the hurricane committee. It is more than likely we will end up with Cindy and Paul H in the event we need to go somewhere safer.

While we cannot be sure of how the season will play out as weather in Belize is never predictable, I am glad that we are planning ahead. It also makes me feel safer having friends who have gone through a hurricane and our getting options in order in case we need them, especially since this is our first time.

hurricane season in belize
Small start for emergency food suplies

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