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Enjoying the party

One day not to long ago I was walking on the beach and a boy stopped me.

He told me that he remembered me from a party where they got cards and candy. He went on to describe the valentine’s party at the school tacoboy and I volunteer at and told me how much fun he had.

We walked & talked a bit and I let him know I was glad that he got to go, how we enjoy making parties, and that lots of our friends had helped make it so much fun.

There were so many treasures that it took two of us to hand out all the loot. We had loads of colorful valentines to choose from, a fancy pencil for everyone and a very exciting selection of candies. We visited each classroom one by one and they got their fill of sweet treats. Then it was time to work it off in one of the two bouncy tents or a sack race. Along the way everyone was invited to have a homemade kid-sized scone, most likely the first ones ever had. When playtime was done, we rounded up kids and headed across the road for the sky dive show. What a grand finale that was, even the skydivers said they felt like rock stars afterward with all the excited kids rushing them when they landed.

We went our separate ways and I thought how great a thing that his boy was reminiscing about having fun at our party a few months after it happened. The fact that this boy was wearing a blue and white uniform and clearly not from our school had made no difference, he still knew how to find the party and have a good time.

I hope in reading this you will take a moment to reflect on how well you are enjoying the party and helping those around you do the same.

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