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Howling Winds

For the last 3 days I have texted Lara every morning to see if her internet is back up – answer always the same – nothing for her either. Paul called a couple of times and they keep telling him that they have our report on file. So we patiently wait for those magic words “we are sending someone over to look at the problem and remain hopeful the third light on our router will magically come back on.

It is very windy here today I can hear it howling – not very motivating for the pool. I have to go as it is Maureen’s first day back after the dog poisonings. She called yesterday and said that doing class would hopefully help her put this behind her and get back to normal.

I am glad I went it turned out to be a fantastic hot sunny day at the pool and lots of people came to class making it social and fun.

After class I had success with BTL – not only did they say they would pass my phone number and a reminder to the service guys that we were waiting – someone showed up and quite quickly and fixed it. Hip Hip Hooray.

Georgeous day

Heading to the deep end

Pool time

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