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Going to Capt Jeff”s place for appys before going to the new Lebanese restaurant – will get to meet a few new people and enjoy a fun low key evening.

Breakfast – black iced coffee, pecans
Lunch – bowl of black beans
Afternoon snack – red apple
Dinner – can’t wait to find out

Capt Jeff did a pre order so when we arrived at Sahara they just started bringing food out. We started off with some grilled nan/pita bread type thing that had ground beef in it (that was my fav thing) and tortilla chips and baba ganouche. For main course we all got plates with salad and hummus on them and shared from big plates of lamb and beef kebabs, chicken, rice and chicken pita bread and more baba ganouche. We were a lively group the 10 of us and dinner was filled with lots of laughter and joking around.

After dinner a couple of people had Lebanese coffee which smelled really nice and the rest of us tried sweet tea. Capt Jeff had one of the guys bring out a lighter and hold it on so everyone could sing Happy Birthday to me that all happened so fast that I barely had time to formulate my wish as I blew out the flame.

Although I do not walk under ladders, I do not mind sharing my wish – the first word that came to mind was peace. That word can mean so many things to different people – I often use it as a close to emails and happened to be wearing my peace sign necklace that Joy gave me. For me peace is a state of being that I enjoy daily and I think it is a good starting point towards anything.

I would much rater approach things from a peaceful state of mind than from one of angst – so I do my best to cultivate that.

FYI… I did cheat at dinner by eating flour did not want to miss out on trying something new – 1 tortilla chip loaded with baba ganouche and the grilled pita appy. I did narrowly escape a cheese attack at Capt Jeff’s place and managed somehow beyond all hungry girl reasoning to stick to the olives instead.- it was the baby bell that almost got me.

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  1. tacogirl says:

    I do no recall the name at the moment will post it later – it is just south of Tropic air on the right hand side. There is a money exchange place in same building.

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