San Pedro Belize beach pictures

What a day

Right before I left the house this morning I said to Joy, “ I am going to focus on a ride north. As I hit the corner by the gas station, I see Walter going in the shop and decide to walk over and say hi. We chat for a min and walk out of the shop and he tells me to hop in the cart so I did. I told him I will go as far north as he goes. As it turns out he was going right past my destination to the new hotel. Since I was quite early we got to hang for a while.

Holy Cross Anglican School was a buzz to day. Parents, Kids, Members of the Diocese, Staff, Volunteers, all enjoyed the Dedication and Blessing of the new computer lab – and rightfully so, it is not every day that they are having Dedication to give thanks to the generous Donation of 40 new Dell computers thanks Parish of St Matthews and all the help that went into making it happen.Everyone enjoyed doing a tour of the new computer lab from Mayoress Elsa Paz saying how wonderful it was to a Belizean woman happy that there are going to be adult classes available at night and we both talked about how much this will mean to the kids all throughout their life to be computer smart for anything they choose to do in the future. The teachers will also have a huge benefit to their studies and since there are 40 computers, it will being many together with the energy of higher learning at one time.

Anyone else experiencing tech trouble tonight? I am having all kinds of weirdness going on while trying to finish both blogs. Thank god for restore session on fire fox and remembering to save as I go on some stuff. For those of you who subscribe to rrs feed this is one reason I do not always have final post at once so while you get the email version it does not update if I edit the blog.

Wade the Gringo did the coolest video picture clip of pics from my blog on his blog. Definitely worth a look.

For any of you interested in reading a restaurant owners experience of starting up in San Pedro Check out Nautica Belize blog.

Tropical Tip: Add on a few minutes to your time schedule for running into people. Save work as you go.

Minor edits to come – it is 9:50pm and I have been working on both blogs since 5pm come my brain has officially went on break.

Breakfast – 2 eggs
Lunch – at the school stewed chicken with rice beans and a slice of water melon
Dinner – fish with fried onion, black beans and coleslaw

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