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Hooray for laundry

I have  never loved  doing laundry so much as the first few washes after being without a machine for 2 weeks, cancel that it was really when we got a machine here after living without for a year that tops the chart ha ha.

Thanks to David the cute washing machine guy that Walter recommended, we have laundry again. He was magically able to fix the trouble. I say magically because I was watching what he was doing while I worked and I know washing machines can be a giant can of worms. Also the fact that this was repair guy number 2 and he did not hang up the phone on me after promising to call and come over the next morning right after I told him no one would be home,  like the Raul did. David definitely qualified for brownie points.

2 of my guy friends said I was bad for telling them he was cute, I replied back that he got even cuter as soon as the machine was fixed and immediately called Paul at work to tell him give David a tip when he paid.

Our net has been down since last night so this morning I decided to do 2 worthwhile things – back up my laptop to my Samsung external hard drive and my Kingston data travelers and do a natural hair treatment I saw on Pinterest. It called for olive oil and honey, I substituted coconut oil. Earlier this week I did the same and used coconut oil with an egg yolk and water. I liked the feeling of the honey one more afterward, but can tell I need the protein from the egg, will try all 3 together and see what I get.

It is 8:54 and I am hoping that someone at Belize Telemedia flips a switch and we have net this am. I called for a fix and Aaron at BTL was very helpful and said he would send someone out to check the problem right away , that I did not need to be home and that he would call me and let me know what is up. Hopefully they do not need me to work out the issue, as I headed north to Grand Caribe, Cowboy Doug said I can hijack his laptop. After more tech troubles, I am not stressing and  going to taking myself to lunch at the pool bar.

south ambergris caye
Down south
belize plants
Looking through the plant
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View at the beach


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