Crap Shoot – A San Pedro Shopping Story

by tacogirl
belize art gallery

Anyone that lives here knows shoe shopping is a tricky business in San Pedro. Today I am going to tell you story about how tricky.

I wanted some news some shoes for a weekend work function so I set out walking to town to see what I could find at my 4 usual choices for shoe shopping in downtown San Pedro. My requirements were very simple some sort of black or neutral color wedges to go with a cute black dress I was going to wear while snapping pics of the cocktail party decor, sounds simple right? Not so much.

First I did a fast pass through Wings department store – nothing new in stock. Weaving my way towards the center of town, next I walked to the place upstairs in a green building on a side street close to Tropic Air. Not sure the name but I know Eileen and Dan from DandE’s frozen custard are their neighbors, struck out there too. Then came Foreva Fancy in the same building as the Belize Red Cross. It was looking promising, I found a few pairs I liked. That is until I  found out they only order one size per pair of shoes, I was not Cinderella in their store. Last stop on my list was Top Notch on front street, no luck.

All this shopping was making me hungry so I walked to Dixie’s Shake, for flautas. While they were cooking I decided to stop by Belizean Melody, one of our more popular island Art galleries. If you know Melody Wolfe you know she a shoe guru. I knew she would have at least one secret store. I lucked out and she had two recommends. I walked around the corner to the first one – Lala’s store and found out they were not done their 4 h mid day break so I walked to the next spot above gecko graphics. They pulled out their catalog and said see what you like we can order and have it here in 3 weeks – sigh.

While I was waiting for Lala’s to open, I ran into Cowboy Doug on Front street and he asked me to come to Caramba as he was in the mood for dry fry fish. That worked out perfectly as it put me right around the corner from Lala’s and after an Arnold Palmer, the time was right to try again. At last – I found 2 pairs I liked and decided I would sleep on it.

The next morning I went back and bought the strappy wedge sandals at Lala’s for $65 bzd. They turned out to be great for Saturday night, super comfortable for heels and went with my dress. Unfortunately that shoe dream was not going to last long – under 24h.  Sunday afternoon my wedges started to come apart big time, the whole left sole came off. Fortunately I was prepared for a shoe emergency and went back to the condo to  do a quick  repair – between my krazy glue and later Leisa’s gorilla glue I survived.

Long Pause 🙂

Doug and Leisa offered to drop me in town, she had a few things to pick up and he had made plans to meet Rhonda. It worked well for me because I got to take my shoes back  and the owners of the store were very nice, they said they would not do a refund but instead be willing to give me an exchange for what ever I wanted.

As I think back over the whole shoe experience, it was one of those cases where you aim high and when you miss the mark  just be glad you land on your feet [silly pun intended], with a result you are happy with and can laugh about it. I just remembered Lala’s has sheets and am crossing my fingers they are king size and decent cotton 🙂

Below are pictures of a meeting of the minds  aka  our food fest on my way home and my condo at Grand Caribe Resort – I wish 🙂

Caramba was closed so we opted Elvi’s Kitchen with Rhonda and Drew – more Cowboy dry fry cravings. Rhonda had stewed Chicken while Drew and I both opted for fried chicken. After Leisa was done her shopping she joined us for a glass of wine.

I finally made it home from my working vacation this past Wednesday night and above [ unedited first draft] was as close as I got to finishing this post – it is Sunday now afternoon. Getting back to the Real World completely took over for the past few days. Aside from other work, I was busy grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning house.

Since housecleaning it is not my favorite thing to do I made it fun by wearing my funky red shoes paired with Led Zepplin and Van Halen, Lou Reed and Queen for my motivation music. It was also helpful that we were experiencing short heavy showers at the time – Cowboy’s sms Belize rain report – 9/10thsof an inch.

melody wolfe

Belizean Melody island art gallery

 belize art gallery

Lots of unique arts and crafts made in Belize

tropical art gallery

Tropical paintings

belize shopping

La La’s shoe store

elvis kitchen

Rhonda, Drew and Cowboy

Elvis kitchen San Pedro Belize

Rhonda, Drew and Cowboy and I

Elvis kitchen San Pedro Belize restaurant

Deep fried snapper

grabd caribe resort

Heavenly – king size bed all to myself for 4 days

grand caribe belize

Looking out the window

belize real estate

Master bathroom

grabd caribe resort

Living room

belize condo's

Full kitchen

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