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Living in Belize

Hobie Tacos


In my research today I noticed a lot of people have contact forms on their website. For some reason I do not find I have as high a success rate in getting an answer through filling in a contact form. I like email option better – anyone else have a preference or opinion?

Still working towards a solution for our electricity bill – we are getting closer and have until the 15th to sort it out before we are paying wrong bill again. Seems like it could be a simple as switching account numbers to the correct one but for some reason I have a feeling it may not be so easy to get everyone on the same page. Will focus on that after the holiday.

Went to trivia night at Pedro’s Pizza – was quite busy and there were 6 teams. We were team Hobie Taco with Forrest and Pedro and beat the Road Killers by one point and won the pot.

Trivia Night

Trivia Night

Trivia Night

Trivia Night

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