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Living in Belize

Handy lap top cleaning tip


Been a cleaning day at the taco shack – scrubbed the dish strainer – cleaned sliding glass doors so our lagoon view is crystal clear and coconut oiled the screen door to keep it moving smoothly. I also came up with a handy lap top cleaning tip – tilt laptop carefully so keyboard is facing down then use a soft paintbrush to sweep along keyboard lines dislodging any particles that managed to find their way in.

Been emailing back and forth with Rebecca from Seaduced to arrange  a sunset cruise and organize Paul &  Jeff’s birthday this year. Working to figure out something as good as the sunrise cruise if not better – time is passing so fast.

Jacks boat The Great Escape

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  1. tacogirl April 13, 2010

    lol Jeff. You should have seen the sorry state of Paul’s old laptop after he spilled coffee on it back in Canada. He turned it back on before allowing it to dry and be cleaned properly and as a result had this sad beeping noise and the keyboard no longer worked. If anyone ever spills in lap top make sure it is 110% dry and cleaned before trying to turn it back on again and you might be lucky.

  2. Jeff April 13, 2010

    I find it easier to just use the garden hose to clean my laptop! But that is just me.

  3. tacogirl April 12, 2010

    Thanks for the compliment Jen. If you want to meet up while you are here it is better to arrange that ahead of time.

  4. Jen April 11, 2010

    I love the little bite of your blog that I have read so far and am quite excited to get to the island hopefully by the end of next week Apr. 16 to 20 or so. We have only 4 weeks and plan to see quite a lot. Would certainly enjoy getting a chance to meet you and possibly “pick your brain” a little, we are interested in Belize as a possible home base for a while and it sounds like you have really gotten to know a lot in your time there.
    Being long winded here, will try and do my best to “bump into you” Best regards, Jen

  5. tacogirl April 1, 2010

    All it took for us was one three week trip 6 years ago and here we are at the 4 year mark for living in San Pedro.

  6. kcjayhawk April 1, 2010

    We came to San Pedro for a week in November of 2005. We have been back four times since (never less than ten days) and will be down in three weeks for trip #6. You could say we have been bit bad!! And that’s good!!

  7. tacogirl April 1, 2010

    I am sure we will see you soon Brad now that you have been bit by the San Pedro bug lol.

  8. Brad March 31, 2010

    Thanks Tacogirl for keeping us going. We will be heading for the land of ice and snow soon and will miss you and the beautiful island you live on. We will be back…soon we know!


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