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Hideaway birthday

Just got home from Paul h’s birthday party at Hideaway. Paul gone to bed – I am off to go watch Desperate Housewives and Blue Planet – coral seas, more later.

It was definitly a case of eat, drink and be merry as the brat pack celebrated Paul h’s birthday. We stuffed ourselves silly and Fredrick kept everyone’s whistle wet. Gold medals go to Zac’s Island ganouche and Cindy’s ribs.

Hanging out at Hideaway

Chicken and ribs

Birthday boy in bbq

Pnut quicksilver Dianne and Paul h

Before dinner conversation

After dinner conversation

Goofing around

More goofing around

Leroi and 2 Pauls

Leroi hiding behind the smiling limes

Winding down a bit

Big grin – another shot?


Fredrick tending bar

Buenos noches


  1. barnacle was lots of fun

    will do michele

  2. Michele in Playa

    Please tell Paul “Happy Birthday” from all of us.!!

  3. ahhh, beer and bbq!
    no jagger for me tho,, i’m walkin!
    looks like it was fun.

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