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Belize vs Mexico in Houston

Belize vs. Mexico game was a hit! Even though Belize is ranked #172 in the world and Mexico is ranked #14, they certainly did not play that way.

Belize put up a heluva fight and did very well throughout the entire game! The goalie blocked several shots… he was so great! As you can imagine, there were far more Mexico fans than there were Belize fans but we stood out and we were far louder than the Mexico fans.

Was really a great game and I was glad to have been able to go. Once the game was over we decided to meet, there had already been a prearranged location. I scooped up my little one and off we went… was lots of fun. A parking lot party of sorts. Met lots of fun folks, saw many familiar faces, drank and had laughs. Was great fun.

Inside a banquet hall they served Belizean stewed chicken with rice and beans. Yummy!!!! The players turned up around 8:30ish but I had a little one that needed to go to bed so we left the party shortly after their arrival.

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The 2 Pauls Cindy and I watched the game at Maya and Colette’s place and quite enjoyed it.

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