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Living in Belize



My 12 class abs challenge was up Friday – interestedly enough the most changes in my body came from the first 6 classes.  Over the course of the month I missed 2 classes – did 2  relaxed workouts in pool at home – ate things like burgers & fries – pizza – chips – chocolate – candy – added lots more smoothies and veggies to my menu thanks to Zac and Healthy Belize.

Zac has excel price list / order form now and will be taking orders twice weekly for people and resteraunts on Ambergris Caye who want organic Belize produce. Email healthybelize[at]gmail.com – to get one

Did well for our souvenirs yesterday – hit some good one stop shopping at the Rum and Cigar store. Nothing like enjoying a taster of campasino while getting stuff done – we did a shot of Rum Cream too for Erin and Jo. I saw they have Belizean Vanilla there now – going to try some when we get back – it smelled nice.

Still not packed yet but have managed to knock off 4 of 5 blog posts I have been working on and managing to keep emails relatively clear. Need to remember to turn facebook notifications off before we leave got twitter already.

San Pedro Fitness Club

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