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Living in Belize

Crunch time


It is crunch time we leave Monday morning on the 10:am Tropic flight then go from International to Atlanta and onto Sarasota – my parents will meet us there and we will head to Venice to meet up with everyone. My brother arrives today and step brother tomorrow or Monday.

Lot’s left to do including house cleaning – laundry – packing – finish 5 blog posts and a zillion other things. Going to town shortly to get a few Belize souvenirs for everyone and take fridge pictures – we are getting a new one as ours keeps freezing everything that touches back wall even though the temp is set super low.

Leaving you with a pic of the sleep masks I ordered off eBay for our trip. Even if I am not actually sleeping sometimes I like to close out the light. I have a nice gray one that Gwen gave me but I figured these ones would be a fun choice for the plane.

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  1. tacogirl March 28, 2011

    Will do Alan. That sounds like a great trip for your son and his wife. I know kind of funny going to Atlanta first. Never passed through there before.

  2. tacogirl March 28, 2011

    Thanks Becky.

  3. Becky March 27, 2011

    Safe travels and have fun!

  4. Alan Slater March 27, 2011

    Enjoy your vaca. with your family, they are so important.
    My son and his wife are off to England on Wed. night for four days. They arrive Thurs. morning in time for their 10th. anniversary and Katie’s birthday is April 1st. so 20 of our family are meeting them for dinner in London. That will be quite an occasion!!
    Isn’t it strange, that you have to fly all the way to Atlanta, then come south west again to get to Florida!!!! I am not too sure about these airline traffic managers. Certainly not logical, as Spock says.
    Enjoy, Alan S.

  5. tacogirl March 26, 2011

    Thanks Kathy and Emily – we are both glad to be getting away.

  6. Emily (@EmilySNC) March 26, 2011

    Have a fun and safe trip stateside, Laurie!

  7. Kathy March 26, 2011

    Have fun on your vacation to Florida!


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