San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Happy Tuesday

Chatting Colette on coconut phone over coffee and got word that voluntary evacuation has been called off and the water will not be switched off either. Wunderground 5-day forecast was good to see this morning too.

The coconut phone is active this morning and everyone is feeling relieved. It is nice to see how fast everyone went into action and was preparing for this sooner than later.

Cindy taking our buckets and folding chair to their place in Bob’s cart

12:16 pm
I had a delightful morning at Island Perk. We saw lots of friends and got word that it is green status here and we are in great shape. Sending prayers out to Honduras.

7:16 pm
Even though this has been a crazy experience especially so soon after Dean, seeing the town get prepared early and all our friends first hand over the past few days has made this experience feel much safer and less panicked (except for Sunday night). We have also had concerned friends and family asking us to leave the Island as Colly and Maya mentioned in their blog. We were strongly leaning towards staying here, and We knew Sunday night that our final decision would be made by Monday morning noon at the latest. I can tell you there was a world of difference between Sunday night and Monday morning.

We made the right choice and have heard first hand that it has been a log jam at Belize airport and not enough flights going out. I could not imagine how stressful it would be to have chosen that route versus staying here on the Island with all our friends and enjoying this time.

Cindy and Paul have just turned up to go for a ride around town.

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