San Pedro Belize beach pictures

A different kind of Monday – Pictures

Got our essentials ready

View at the end of our Balcony

View from our balcony

Looking out or front door

Paul helping Elsa’s son with bags

Re-use recycle – Beto’s place

Ready to go to Orange Walk

Busy on middle Street

Water truck

Lourdes Store

Elvi’s sign comes down

Many of us are washing up

Shutters down

Back street near Super Buy

Busy yet quiet

Boards from Castillos

Side of Elvi’s

Houses look very quiet – or very busy


Sea Turtle

Middle Street

Mash – stores still open but getting ready – Belize bank closed

Gift shop

Tamara – San Pedro Sun


Tourists and some locals are leaving

Planes moving fast

Tropic Air getting people out quickly

Sandy Ed and I

Sandy and Ed – Maya Island Airport

Chon Saan – Pasta La Vista

Chon Saan – Pop and Taco’s deli

Simon and Kathy – in lead cart

Boards ready and waiting

Front street

Town Hall has red flag out

Upstairs is boarded post office not done anything yet

Boards got marked from last time for easy placement

No alcholol sales in Bar after 6 pm was word at Perk

Golf carts chained together in a row and roofs taken off

Carole and Veronique

4 thoughts on “A different kind of Monday – Pictures

  1. travelqueen says:

    Hey hon, thanks so much for these great photos. Gives us a true feel of whats really going on down there. You all are in my prayers. Thanks for all you do.


  2. Erin says:

    We’re watching this closely from Oregon…hoping everyone fares well down there. We adopted 2 potlickers from AC five years ago and still have one of them (Amber). Any word on who’s looking out for the AC animals?

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