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Happy St. Georges Caye Day Belize

I have been busy with so many things today and was not sure what I was going to blog, although I knew it was going to be something about St. Georges Caye Day.

For starters I forgot that it was a holiday and had planned to go to town and pick up a few things for my party tomorrow. Good job I remembered before heading out as I would have been mildly pissed off making that trip with the 2 stores I would have gone to being closed for the holiday.

Thanks to Drummer Dan’s facebook I got some words of inspiration – Today is St. Georges Caye Day here in Belize. The English and the Baymen defeated the Spanish over 200 years ago, thereby creating British Honduras. Later this month is Independence Day, when Belize became independent from the UK. I have lived here for fifteen years and I feel more Belizian than anything else, So Happy St. Georges Caye day! Drummer Dan Van Patten.

Picture courtesy of Ambergris Today facebook page. Congratulations to Yakarelis Hernandez who was officially crowned as Miss San Pedro 2011, today. I am sure Yakarelis and her family are having a happy St. George’s Caye Day and September Celebrations.

Miss San Pedro 2011
Yakarelis Hernandez crowned as Miss San Pedro 2011 today


4 thoughts on “Happy St. Georges Caye Day Belize

  1. Sharon Hiebing says:

    Al, you crack me up! Sure, as soon as Belize’s population has an obesity rate of 65%+ and credit card debt in the trillions, they will definitely no longer be third world.

    For now, I can go to Mexico for Walmart, which is just fine with me! (Smiles back).

    Sharon Hiebing
    Relocate Without Rose-Colored Glasses!

  2. al salter says:

    This fits my obsevations that Canadians move to Belize to escape the s****y climate and Americans move to escape America. However having lived there for years I don’t see it as such an awful place. Americans gave us Wal Mart, IHOP,Home Depot, Carl Jr cheeseburgers and Sonic shakes. When Belize aquires these among others it will no longer be third world. What do you think Sharon? (he said baiting her):)

  3. tacogirl says:

    Great question Beth, my main motivation was to get away from winter permenantly. As for what you can do here a scouting trip is a good idea to see if there is a niche for you.

  4. beth stengel says:

    Hey Laurie: i know this is off the subject but what was it that gave you the impetus to move to Belize? If i give up law, what can I do in Belize? Just curious!

    Hope to see you soon!

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