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Happy Friday

Baby bananasQuoting Le Roi and wishing “Happy Friday” to everyone. Busy day here am off to the pool shortly with Mitch – Sev is back today so she has rented a cart. After that will come home and get guest room ready for travelqueen and travelprincess who arrive tomorrow and get more swap stuff ready. Carole popped me on the coconut phone to see if I would be able to come to Xanadu this aft and take some pictures of a bride whose hair she is doing. Then tonight it is off to Pedro’s to celebrate Charlie’s birthday with bbq cake and I am sure the jager will be flowing by the end of the night.


I just checked and my new piece Introducing San Pedro is up on La Vida Idealist. I better run time to get ready for the pool – we get to go in style today – Mitch rented a cart cause Sev is back. Banana pics are from yesterday. P gave some to everyone in the building was a delicious surprise.

Xanadu never happened and while I did get the guest room ready I put off organizing swap stuff in favor of a tacoboy massage – much better option.

Paul just told me he saw a post for new water taxi between here and Chetumal. Wonder how long that will take and what would be involved customs wise.

Getting decorations ready for Charlie’s party – I just cut out colorful bones from construction paper to decorate the poles.

Eating bbq

Paul and Dick getting bbq

Kelsey Jason and Jen chatting

Celebrating Charlie

Charlie and Walter

Walter cooking more bbq

Chatting outside

Cake time

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