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Changes around town

Madame still under the weather so we all muddled through aquafit class. Mitch sort of took the lead and then everyone else chimed in bits and pieces. While in the pol today we got to watch a flight swallows flying close to us it was really cool to see – hope they help eat the skeeters.

PlayacarDeals posted a cool webcam link on twitter – Playa Palms Beach Web cam. I had a look earlier and was watching people on the beach. I used to love finding stuff like that when it was winter in Canada.

Was chatting with Chloe briefly last night in mini chat. She was asking about perk status and what became of the old location so I went and shot a few pics today. They started rebuilding but seems like everything went on a slow down. Also threw in a couple of pics of the new fence going up at Tropic Air.

Old Island Perk location

New place being built

new construction

new fence being built at tropic air

new fence at tropic air

4 thoughts on “Changes around town

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Remo

    Sept 5th is first annual Taste of Playa if you happen to be there at that time.
    I have not stayed at either one we usually stay at Hotel Alux which is close to the main drag but not right on it.
    Halifax is really nice not been to PEI but would imagine it is very peaceful.

  2. Remo says:

    Hey tacogirl,

    I am planning a trip to Playa Del Carmen the first week of September. I was thinking about staying at the Illusion Boutique (

    However, I just checked out playa palms and it looks like a nice place with good prices. Have you stayed there? Can you recommend any good Hotels in Playa del Carmen?

    Oh and I have been trying to avoid going to San Pedro for like a month now because I usually blow at least $300 US a weekend when I visit the Island.

    I am also planning a trip back to Halifax and PEI to see friends and family next yr, so I probably would have to avoid San Pedro for over a year!!! haha!!


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