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Happy Earth Day

Before Paul and I knew anyone here, we did a monthly e-magazine called envision.

Envision had 7 issues before we both agreed it was more than full time work (even with Jo and Erin’s help) without generating enough for us in return to sustain it, so we agreed to put it on the shelf and continued to integrate ourselves into the local community, and start making friends.

One of the organizations I did an article on was the Freeplay Foundation. The Free play Foundation is an amazing organization that provides hand crank solar powered lifeline radios to people in need (primarily in Africa), giving access to education and information where there would be none otherwise. Their main focus is orphans and other vulnerable children, women, refugees and people who are ill and have given out more than 160,000 radios since 2003.

(If you would like to see a PDF copy of envision magazine with this article in it, just email me via my profile.)

Here’s an Earth Day message from the Free play Foundation:

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of this environmental day, GlobalGiving is calling on donors to “Give a Little Green.” By giving on Earth Day, you will have an opportunity to provide additional clean, safe LED Lifelights to child-headed families in Rwanda – GlobalGiving will match your donation to the Freeplay Foundation by 50%. So if you give $100, GlobalGiving will match your donation with another $50!

In addition to matching funds, the Foundation is also in the running for extra funding! The three projects receiving the greatest number of donations will receive prizes of $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000, respectively.

By helping the Foundation win the competition, you will help children that have no access to electricity. These children depend on polluting kerosene and dangerous candles for light. Providing an innovative solar powered, wind-up Lifelight will enable children study, to see properly to cook their food, to safely walk at night to the toilet and to see snakes, spiders and other dangers.

Giving Lifelights will help inspire awareness and appreciation for the environment. Watch our video on YouTube below to see how your donation can help.

We are delighted that GlobalGiving selected us for this terrific opportunity. Please help us make the most of it. It’s an easy way to get more impact from your donation right now!

Make a difference and provide Lifelights to children in Rwanda on Earth Day by visiting GlobalGiving.

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