Belize Independence day celebrations

Hands Down Best Show in 10 Years

This year marks 35 years of Belize Independence. It all started with the annual pre-party on the 20th, Independence eve at the old football field. They had a stage set up and music. Since I am right next door I could hear the celebrations from my home. At midnight came the familiar sounds of fireworks so I grabbed my camera and shot the following video and a few pictures right outside my front door. I ended up with 12 min of footage which I managed to edit down to 55 seconds. The grand display must have gone on for at least 20 min to 1/2 hour and I can honestly say hands down it was the best fireworks display I have seen in my 10 years of living here. The Sky was lit up electric and often looked like a glitter bomb had just exploded over downtown San Pedro.

Belize independence
The sky was lit up large. Love last pic looks like two hearts in the sky.

San Pedro Belize Independence Day Parade Pictures

Between company and a deadline for online phone shopping to replace my recently stolen phone I did not make it to the parade this year. Thanks to a few people that did I was able to catch up on all the fabulous costumes and some of the after party.

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Found Some More

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While I did not make it to the parade, I did take a break from video editing to pop over for a few minutes of the after-party before it got dark. I arrived to see colored chalk powder people dancing and having fun. By the time I got there, the lighting was not great but I did snap a couple of crowd pictures.

Afterparty for Belize Independence 2016
Live Love Belize
San Pedro Belize
Happy Colorful Chalk People
Belize Independence 2016
Some managed to keep their whites white no many though
Central Park San Pedro Belize
Dancing at the after party

I was about to leave when suddenly the masses swarmed into a tight circle several people deep. I captured the crowd from above but still could not see why. After a short while and much jostling about I was able to move in a bit closer to see what the commotion was about – everyone wanted to watch some “dirty dancing.” 😀

San Pedro Belize
All of a sudden the crowd drew tight
Celebrating in San Pedro
Dirty Dancing at the after party in Central Park

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