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2 day getaway at Grand Caribe Belize

2 day getaway at Grand Caribe Belize

2 Day Getaway

Paul and I came up to Grand Caribe Resort yesterday afternoon to enjoy a couple of days away before he leaves for Las Vegas and the World Series of Poker on Friday.  Grand Caribe Belize (as is the website name) is one of my favorite resorts in Belize and I decided it would be nice to cook dinner for our friends that live here since we have a nice full kitchen in our condo.  After dinner we chatted and watched Bob Bounahra on the ESPN replay.

I had to webcam Dick on coconut phone so he can see the place, then went and relaxed  for a bit. I was thinking to go for a swim but the thought of a cat nap in a luxurious king size bed facing the sea is winning.

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  1. Nice surprise running into you this morning at Grand Caribe. I am sure they appreciated having dinner cooked for them.

  2. Have you been to Belizean Shores Resort?

    Do you know the owners?

    My sister and husband always stay there when they go to San Pedro. Its a nice place as well.

  3. You too Emily. Least I did not poison anyone with my cooking ha ha.

  4. I have only seen it from the outside Remo but it looks nice. I have met the owners as our friends have a condo south of town in Coral Bay and I met them there once.

  5. It’s so nice that you can take a vacation in the same place you live! How awesome. We may have to check out Grand Caribe as an option for our next stay.

  6. So true Maureen, I love that it is so close but feels like we are really getting away. Totally worth checking out you would love the pool, and I know you guys would hit it off with Cowboy Doug and Leisa.

  7. I can’t believe you didn’t post any food pictures.. being the foodie that you are. What did you serve?

    BTW Nice ad for Grande Caribe!

    On countdown for my trip. 🙂

  8. lol@food pictures Gail. I did Parmesan chicken and veggies, and baked tortillas with garlic butter. Wait till you see the pics of the 5 bedroom penthouse, I got to go check that out this time will post them this week.

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